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Wema Seputu’s ‘Boytoy’ arrested after threatening to leak more intimate photos and videos

Calisah is said to have been arrested last night for ‘leaking’ the intimate video and photos he shot with Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu.


Word on the street is that the model is now in custody after he threatened to release more revealking photos and videos of the time he spent with his Wema Sepetu. The police are now trying to investigate his motive for wanting to share the photos online.

Calisah on the other hand has been pleading his case through his social media handles where he swore that he was not responsible for leaking the photos and video online. He is however planning to get to the buttom of the matter and has promised to make the person pay for his damaged reputation and sleepless nights.

Most social media users have since come out to defend him saying that Wema Sepetu deserved this as she is known to move from one man to another. Others are suspecting that she could have used her on sources to leak the video just to get attention on social media.

Anyway, no one knows who called the cops on Calisah but the model seems to be having a long week. He has not updated his social media handles for hours now meaning he could still be in the police custody.


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