Amina Abdi The Trend’s new host? (Photos)

We think so!

For a week now Nation Media Group has been teasing us about who their new host is but they unwittingly dropped some hints about who will be the new host.

During their Jaguar-sponsored promo ahead of their huge unveiling on Friday night, we got a shot of hands with a ring, watch and beautifully polished nails in the colour brown. Nails, a ring and a watch that match Amina’s.

Also, Amina previously hinted that she could be taking over with some videos on Snapchat about going for a Jaguar shoot.

Ahead of tonight’s reveal party, NMG Justus Tharao described the new host as “ A hustler, a go-getter who is all about getting that money…. A radio and TV personality who commands presence amongst a diverse audience, and has proven without a doubt that she reigns supreme in all she does.”

A description that fits Amina Abdi to a T. Amina has in the past expressed that she is the ultimate hustler and is about getting that money as she juggled jobs across Maisha Magic, Capital FM and K24.

When she landed her job at K24, Amina wrote “Very humbled and excited to announce that I’ll be on K24 doing the morning show called Alfajiri. I’ll be up from 5 am weh! And still rocking up at 7 pm on Hits not homework. Tulikuja Nairobi kugrind si kuota jua lol!! The show starts this Thursday at 6 am Alhamdullilah.”

In addition, Amina has been known to command a presence among a diverse audience as a radio presenter on Capital FM, a TV host on K24 Alfajiri, MC for Coke Studio and has moved crowds at concerts ranging from Omarion’s to Tekno’s to Koroga Festival.


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