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Untold story behind fight between two Milele FM presenters Kaka Zema and Presenter Dee

The truth behind the fight revealed

Presenter Dee and Kaka Zema of Milele FM

In the video, an infuriated Diana Tangut is seen hurling insults at fellow presenter Kaka Zema who opts to leave the studio.

Tangut, popularly known as Presenter Dee, threatens the deejay demanding that he stops playing the music or he would follow suit.


Majority of the public believed the confrontation was genuine, however, unknown to many, the video was a publicity stunt.

According to a source who spoke exclusively to on condition of anonymity, the fight was a prank meant to create hype in their much anticipated change in programming, as some presenters are being shifted within shows.

Our sources mentioned that fight will see presenter Dee, host the evening show “Rhumba Oxygen” that was previously under Titi Nagwala.

Her spot at Milele Drive will be taken by radio comedian Wilbroda, who has been hosting the mid-morning show (Kazi Mpango) alongside Francis Luchivya, while her vacancy on Kazi Mpango will be filled by Mwajuma Ally aka Chozi la Almasi.


The video had ignited an endless debate among netizens who castigated the two for lack of professionalism in their line of duty.

Mwakideu's Comment

The head of Radio at Milele FM, Alex Mwakideu promised to issue a detailed statement on the circumstances surrounding the fight.

“Okay guys, I've woken up to many missed calls from my blogger buddies @ghaflakenya @mpashogram @sdekenya etc. I honestly left jobo mapema sana Jana and I DONT KNOW what happened here!!! I will be back on Monday and I will find out and give you all feedback. In the meantime All I know watu hukosana!!! Its life.... Let's just wait for Monday....#UkipendaPendaMilele @milelefm,” wrote the Milele FM boss.


Jalango's Comment

His co-host Jalang’o had also suggested, that action should be taken against presenter Dee for being stubborn, little did Kenyans know the whole fight was a hoax.

“Boss @alesx_mwakideu I have always said you can't work with an independent woman! @presenter001 Is a woman who has money and always think that no man can talk to her! Let her go boss! Pls...this woman cannot be controlled! We almost fought while you were away! She is the best swahili woman presenter but her ego! Sawa tu! Pole @kaka_zema,” wrote Jalang’o.


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