KOT slam Nigerian artiste for standing up Larry Madowo

In 2015, Nigerian sensation Davido left Kenyans besides themselves in anger after his unsavoury diva-like behaviour on ‘The Trend’.

Larry Madowo

Outraged, Larry later banned Davido from the show in a scathing piece on his Daily Nation column ‘Front Row’.

" During the interview, he was disinterested and rude, almost as if the whole thing deeply irritated him and he would rather have been elsewhere…That attitude stinks and stars should get over themselves, their ego and their inflated sense of self-importance. As for Davido, he’s banned from our show for life." he wrote.

Last weekend, Burna Boy was also roasted on Twitter after allegedly calling Kenyans peasants and going on a blocking spree, blocking every Kenya that @ed him. And when Anto Neo Soul called him Diva-ish, Burna called him a ‘failure a** nigga’

Now Nigerian artiste Timaya has made Larry Madowo throw a tantrum after he failed to honour his contract of featuring on The Trend. He had earlier posted that he was 'Loving NAIROBI...' but he didn't allow Nairobians to love him back by featuring on the show where we would get to know him better.

“Timaya didn't show up for his interview on @theTrendLive. Organizers of his concert had a contract with us which he/they just breached.” Larry griped.

And Kenyans who were now over Nigerian artistes especially due to the inflated egos of Burna Boy and Davido had this to say:

‏@MwangiWaGitau :That’s what happens when u give a dog a hat, sometimes it tends to make the other dogs believe that it’s a Lion! #thetrend…Point? Start supporting the Local acts, stop treating these Nigerians like Kings n eventually they’ll humble themselves

‏@mkenyatru:Enuf with this naija stuff..   Davido, Burna boy, now Timaya.. #PromoteKEmusic

‏@Mahindaling :@ the Trendlive #Heylarry Show must go On with or without timaya. Akwende!

‏@SyokiKagz: So now @timayatimaya snobbed @theTrendLive . What's wrong with these Nigerian acts?? #HeyLarry

‏@Kijoh_Carole: So Timaya is a no show!! *movingonswiftly* Loving the  #TafsiriBand and the saxophone guy on point #HeyLarry

And indeed the show was popping as per usual because AKA was in the house.


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