They always eat their vomit – Zari Hassan responds to claims of showing off hired cars

The Boss lady didn't come to play!

Photos of Zari Hassan’s new Mansion as she prepares to move out of Diamond’s House

Zari the Boss Lady gave a classy clap back to a fan after claims that she was hiring high end cars to show that she lived a flashy lifestyle on social media.

Her response came after she posted a picture as she stood next to her Range Rover, with the caption "Not worried about Jan-worry, I strive daily to be better than I was the day before, so i dress up and show up. #Momprenuer".

A fan then went ahead to ask her if that was the same car that some woman kept saying Zari had borrowed just to show off on social media.

"Isn’t this the same car some old fool woman kept saying you had hired to show off on social media.... Imagine hiring it until now! She surely ate quite a lot of her vomit. Some women can’t stand seeing other women go high up thanks to their hard work, they think everyone must live a fake life and go hanging in bars looking for old pensioners to help them live this same typa life." said the fan.

"@dbxxstore they always eat their vomit🤮back. Heheh🤣” read Zari’s response.

This comes a few days after the South Africa-based Ugandan businesswoman came out to tell people that love is and should be unconditional and it can be found in the most bizarre places with the least expected person.

"Its not the status nor the levels, not the financial stability or the public elevated status the list cld go on” said the mother of five.

The Brooklyn City Colleges CEO said this as she was trying to figure out why people judge other people's relationships based on their looks, wealth and status.

She wondered why young ladies were termed as gold diggers for marrying older men and why older women were called desperate for dating younger men.

When a young girl dates an older man she is instantly branded a gold digger, when an older woman dates a younger man, she is a Craddle Snatcher or maybe a desperate person. When a woman or man dates someone more financially established by status quo this becomes a case of “you are after her or his money”. When you date a not so good-looking man or woman that also raises a-few eyebrows because society kinda narrows you down depending on your status.” Read Zari’s post.


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