TV girl bursts out with anger after guys sliding into her DM degraded her to a lousy socialite who spreads legs for sponsors

She was forced to defend her professionalism after guys thought she was in the business of selling her cookie jar to the highest bidder.


Caroline Njeri popularly known as Carolina Carlz, decided to rebrand her image after she was thought to be a common socialite.

Carolina hosts “Mziki 254” on Triple P TV (channel 428 on Star times), she is also a marketer, Math and Physics tutor, motivational speaker among other subliminal titles.

But Carolina’s activities on social media are not divergent to what the likes of Huddah, Corazon and other socialites do. A thing that has made many believe she has the credentials of a typical Kenyan socialite.

The TV host was forced to announce she wasn’t a socialite after guys commenting on her posts and sliding into her DM referred her as their ‘favorite socialite’.

In a lengthy post, Caroline made it clear she doesn’t spread legs for old men, she goes on to say she prefers to be called a ‘social influencer’ or ‘social elite’ but NEVER a socialite.

“Okay, let's start with a little introduction, am Carolina Carlz, if you want you can call me Njeri. What I don't like, is guys commenting n DMing how am their favorite socialite. Sometimes it really infuriates me. Anyways I went to school, graduated with a second class upper division in Bcommerce. I tutor physics too. Yes I got the brains with all those brains and hard work in my hustles it feels really bad to be compared to a SOCIALITE. One who feeds herself by spreading her legs, and no not on a dancefloor or when jumping a water puddle, but on a sponsor's bed or anything that can pay bills. In case you can't get the word SOCIAL out of your head, call me a SOCIAL INFLUENCER or a SOCIAL ELITE.Yes, am beautiful, I got loads of followers,I mean fans who like what I do and are proud of IT. .ooh n did you notice I have a gain train?? Please don't go to railways tryna get a ticket, its on Instagram.

Anyways, all this is tryna to tell to WATCH THIS SPACE, working my way towards becoming East Africa's biggest entertainment HOST. FYI: I'll be relaunching MZIKINIGHT on 1st of December, more details to come. AND I have a show, MZIKI254. Watch this space for a big ting awagwan YOURS TRULY

CARLZ.” Carolina posted.


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