They killed me last night- Radio Maisha Presenter speaks out after the Internet "Killed" him

How do you prove that you are still alive? -Mate

Radio Maisha Presenter Mate Tongola

Renowned Radio Maisha Presenter Mate Tongola has strongly refuted claims that he is dead after a user in one of the WhatsApp groups that he is in alleged that he had passed on.

A disappointed Tongola, disclosed that he had received lots of calls and messages from friends asking if he is okay following the virality of the fake news.

“They killed me last night. It is time I re-evaluate the hundreds of WhatsApp group I am in. Last night, a member in one of them just announced that I was dead adding that the details were scanty.

I have never received so many phone calls like I did. Those who found my number busy, decided to bug Kashunaya. WhatsApp messages, voice calls, Facebook messenger calls etc. Our home turned into a customer care center. Mobile phone became a landline since I had sit next to the power source. Some were wailing in the background, some just starting the conversation with ‘Is it true?’, ‘May he rest in peace’, ‘He was a good jolly fellow,” reads part of Tongala's statement.

How do you prove that you are still alive?

The Reggae Splash host added that he was finding it hard to prove to people that he is still alive, as even his own mother could not believe it until he video-called her.

“Fellow Kenyans, how do you prove that you are still alive? My mum was not satisfied with my voice and asked me to video call her. I did but still she had an ish ish. Then came bloggers! I am told my story was ready, they were just looking for an appropriate picture to accompany the long tribute.

I logged into to the group just to tell off the guy who had declared my death, ohh boy, I think it was a mistake. I have never read my eulogy on WhatsApp. People had started paying tribute with some using all the adjectives to describe I.

I have to admit that at some point I actually thought I was dead. I remember pinching my left thigh.NUMB!. Looking myself into the mirror and even counting my teeth to confirm mathematics among the dead is admissible.

When my mole called me, I confirmed that indeed I was alive. He however asked me what I had eaten for supper adding that there is a myth in their tradition that if one dreams that you are dead, then you must have slept with a stomached filled to capacity.

Kweli yake! Jana nilikuwa nimefinya mazagazaga.

Now if we meet in the streets, don’t hide, my soul is still intact but very prayful. Planning to live the best life possible and above all to love and guard my family jealously," said Tongola Mate.


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