ShowMax is turning entertainment upside down in Kenya

What would you do with 330 bob? Get a burger perhaps and soda? Or better still a beer in your favourite local after a long day at work? Probably you should buy an “I’m sorry” card and take it to your girlfriend considering what you did over the weekend.

Actually no, I have something better for you to do with your money: head on to Now for that 330 bob, you can binge-watch all your favourite TV shows, movies, documentaries, sports highlights and kids shows online, offline, wherever and whenever. Trust me, I’m not joking!

What is ShowMax?

ShowMax is Naspers’ answer to Netflix. ShowMax’s internet TV service gives you access to Africa’s biggest library of online entertainment for a pocket-friendly monthly subscription. Pick what you want, when you want it with no adverts and no interruptions.

ShowMax Select  - just Ksh 330

Launched a year ago, ShowMax has the largest subscription video catalogue in Africa and offers a host of unique features, designed specifically for Kenyans, making the Ksh 330 pricetag for ShowMax Select a serious bargain.

ShowMax Select gives you selected international and local content like Nashville, Teen Wolf and even Real Househelps of Kawangware, which is one of the most entertaining shows in Kenya at the moment, Churchill, and Hapa Kule News. There is also a bunch of cartoons and kids programs to keep them engaged, especially now that schools have closed.

Stream or download to watch offline

You can stream these programs when connected to the internet and download up to 25 shows to watch on your mobile device when you’re offline. Download on Wi-Fi at the office and then watch offline without using any data! You can keep your downloads for 30 days too. Making sure you are entertained everywhere you are *even the office, hoping my boss is not reading this*.

ShowMax Premium - just Ksh 880ShowMax Premium, which is only 880 bob a month, is even better as you get the full international and local catalogue with big Hollywood hits like Big Bang Theory, Suits and Arrow. You can also watch on two devices at the same time -  so the kids can be busy watching Ben 10 while you can keep yourself engrossed in Suits. Everyone is happy.

How to pay for ShowMax

All these can be paid for through a credit card, PayPal and even M-pesa, which has become like a basic need.

Told you, entertainment is about to change forever. Time to ShowMax and relax...

Get a ShowMax free trial and test it out for yourself

Now head on to ShowMax and sign up for the free trial! You can’t afford to miss out!


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