Celebrity children live life in the limelight and have to navigate the scrutiny of growing up in the public eye. Their parents have the best genes and end up producing beautiful children.

These kids have been given all of the advantages of inheriting their mom and dad’s good looks. From red carpet events to a candid snapshot, the world watches these gorgeous children grow up right before their eyes.

They are mirror image beauties who make us all do a double take between them and mom or dad. So many beautiful offspring of the rich and famous have striking looks.

A lot of these kiddos mature into adults and grow into themselves. Many of them overcome adversity and go on to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

Both in Kenya and Tanzania, a number of celebrities have ,managed to secure deals for their kids at a tender age hence making them famous and rich.

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Here is list of Kids who are already rich and famous.

Jaden the Greatest.

Jaden the is the first born child of Bongo Movie actor Vincent Kigosi and actress Chuchu Hansy.

Jaden was appointed the brand Ambassador of Robby One Kids Fashion Shop.

"Thanks God Kwa Kunifanya Kuwa Brand Ambassador wa robby one kids fashion kwa pamba kali kama hizi nilizovaa zote zinapatika "

He was also appointed as the Ambossadoro of NMB Bank in Tanzania to represent the kids account.

“Leo tumechagua NMB Bank kuwa benki mahususi ya mtoto wetu  , huu ni uamuzi tuliouchukua baada ya kuridhishwa na huduma zao, pia kutokana na kushawishika na umahiri wa akaunti zao mpango wa NMB Wajibu ambapo kwa kuanzia, tumeamua kumfungulia Jaden NMB Mtoto Akaunti kwa ajili ya akiba itakayoweza kumsaidia hapo baadae. Pia ningependa kutoa wito kwa walezi na wazazi wote kuwa na utamaduni wa kuwafungulia akaunti watoto zenu na vijana wenu bila kusahau kuwahimiza kuhusu elimu ya fedha. ”

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The mother Chuchu was the Miss Tanzania Talent 2005, C.E .O of ChuDoubleTouch ent and the Best Actress East Africa in 2016.

The father Vincent is an Actor, Director C.E.O of RJ Company and Ambassador Of Afya Pure Drinking Water.

Instagram Followers – 128K

Princess Tiffah Dangote

Diamond and Zari Hassan’s daughter Tiffah was appointed as the brand ambassador for the mega Norwegian chain of baby stores Babyshop in two shopping malls in Tanzania.

The deal  was in form of Tsh 50 million (KSh 2.4 million) endorsement, and complimentary shopping at the two stores worth TSh 1 million (KSh 48,000) every month until the deal ends.

“First of all I want to thank God for my blessing, my little girl and allow me to announce that from today my little girl  has become The BabyShop Brand Ambassador at &  with an endorsement worth of TSH 50 Million and BabyShop complimentary worth 1 million TSH monthly and this contract is valid for 1 Year. I would like to thank once again the whole Management of BabyShop  &  for my lil girls enforsement”

Instagram Followers – 1.7Million

Prince Nillan Dangote

The second born baby of Diamond and Zari Prince Nillan was also handed tha mandate as the ambassador of GSM Baby shop located at the Msasani city mall in Tanzania.

Instagram Followers – 570K

 Ladasha Wambo

Gospel power couple Size 8 and DJ MO’s daughter Ladasha Belle landed her fast gig as the brand’s ambassador for Softcare diapers a deal that comes with lots of money . Size 8 broke the news through her social media page saying,

“Haiya sasa ukweli nimeona mimi ni mama hii singe pewa bila my princess . Mama wambo and @ladashabelle the brand ambassdors for Softcare diapers. God thank you for this opportunity. You are the one who made sure I never lost my little girl while in my womb the many times my sickness put her in danger all the time I was rushed to hospital you protected her. Now look at what you had planned for the two of us. #softcarediapers.”

Instagram Followers – 230K

Gold Navy Kenzo

The kid of celebrity duo Navy Kenzo (Aika and Nahreel) was appointed as the ambassador of Kids City Shopping mall.

“Congratulations my baby Boy on ur first Endorsment more to come u are a shinning Star. . Hongera sana mwanagu, nauhakika hii ni ya kwanza tu, bado nyingi kibao zitakuja. Ambasador”

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Hongera mwanangu kwa kuchaguliwa kuwa BALOZI kwenye shule ya Hongereni  kwa kutoa elimu bora na ya uhakika Jamani ndugu zangu Twendeni na wakati kwa kumpa mtoto elimu ya uhakika njooni huku "

Instagram Followers – 35.7K