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A glimpse at Tiffah’s lavish 3rd birthday party (Video)

No expenses were spared.

In a video shared on Instagram, the Boss Lady gives fans a sneak-peek into Tiffah’s upcoming birthday bash which has been a source of controversy due to its guest list.

Diamond had offered to pay flights for 30 fans from Tanzania to join him and his family in celebrating his daughter’s birthday and among his guests was ex Wema Sepetu. A lady who had been accused of breaking up Zari and Diamond.

Reacting to the announcement, Zari gave a curt response stating that the Tanzanian people are unwelcome as she doesn’t want visitors dirtying her house.


Her response was prompted by a fan who had informed her to prepare to welcome her Tanzanian people as per Diamond’s word.

“Mama Tee tunakuja sauzi sisi shangazi zake Tee na mama zake wa Kambo,” wrote a fan on her Instagram and Zari responded saying “Haha sitakikunichafulia nyumba samahani. Mkai uko uko”

Regardless of the tension ahead of Tiffah’s party, the preparations are underway and no expenses were spared when it comes to Tiffah’s bash on the 6th of August 2018.

Have a glimpse at Tiffah’s lavish 3 birthday party below:


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