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Diamond and Zari's daughter talking is the cutest thing you have seen this year (Video)

She is quite eloquent for such a small baby.

Tiffah and Zari Hassan

Since her birth, Tiffah has proven that she is a newsmaker and people were recently excited after Zari share a rare video of Tiffah talking with her brothers. In the video, she is asking her brothers to untie her shoes in a cute and bossy way. 'Open my shoe' She is heard saying in the video to her brothers Raphael and Quincy.

At about one year 8 months, Tiffah is right on schedule as most kids at her age can string two words together and as she turns two soon so we should expect her to use two- to four-word sentences and sing simple tunes as a baby expert revealed.


In the past, Tiffah has been in the news for a number of reasons including her huge following on Instagram and the controversy her birth brought.

Within a week of her birth, Tiffah had garnered 5 figure numbers on Instagram proving that she was a person of interest at her young age. But her birth also brought controversy as naysayers claimed that she was sired by Zari’s late ex Ivan Ssemwanga. So as to quell the rumours the couple was forced to travel to South Africa to conduct paternity tests on baby Tiffah. Upon finding out that Tiffah was his, Diamond broke down and cried as the rumours that he was raising another man’s daughter greatly bugged him.

“The DNA tests confirmed Nasib Abdul Juma to be the biological father of Latifah Dangote. Diamond shed a lot of tears. It hurt him the more when some quotas referred to Ivan Ssemwanga (Zari’s ex-husband) as the little one’s father. Others claimed that Tiffah was sired by a Tanzanian tycoon.” A source said.


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