Tina Kaggia used to beat me - JB Masanduku’s shocking confession

The comedian also went on to claim that the former Classic 105 presenter was an alcoholic who went to rehab twice.

About a year after they became official the lovebirds tied the knot at a private ceremony at the AG’s chambers surrounded by family and friends.

4 years later Tina informed us that she and JB had gone their separate ways. In a tell-all interview with Pulse, Tina described the comedian as a ‘charming and sick, sadistic diabolic piece of work’ and also accused him of ‘neglect, manipulation and pathological lying’.

Things which made their relationship flop and drove her to drinking and even made her contemplate suicide.“I disappeared for four months because I needed medical attention for depression; I was suicidal at this point.” She confessed.

Following these accusations, JB has come out to confirm that Tina drunk heavily and even ended up in rehab twice but denied that he was the reason she drunk so much. He also claimed that Tina was violent with him.

“Of course you know she used to be abusive to me, it was even written in the blogs. After that, she was drinking too much. The first time she went to rehab I didn’t tell anyone, I wouldn’t want to tarnish her name. You know she had to get supervision at work because of drinking at work and stuff like that, she had to go to rehab. After she went to rehab for a month, we thought she would go back to work but HR was like ‘No she has to prove herself’ and she got depressed and started drinking.” JB told Mpasho.

“She was just drinking the entire day and one day I was at a show at KNT with my sister and during the show, I got frantic calls from her and so I called back after the show and I was told she had to go back to rehab for 3 months. I wasn't informed that she had plans to go to rehab but I went to see her and everything.”  He said.

He went on to allege that after Tina checked into rehab, her family came in and took their children leaving him devastated.

“After she checked into rehab her parents came and took the kids and the two househelps and went with them. After leaving rehab she went back home.” JB said before accusing his ex of trying to commit suicide in his presence.

“It was really tough,” JB added.

Following the accusations, Tina said that she does not have the time nor the energy to address her ex’s accusations. “Can I just make your life easier already? Whatever it is, I am sure I can almost bet. I know which direction this conversation is going to head, and I don’t have the time or the energy.”


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