British lady pushed from 6th floor by Kenyan rapper speaks out

“I’m very lucky to be alive.”

Tinu Collins at her hospital bed

It was alleged that the lady fell to her doom after a heated argument with the boyfriend at his house in Westlands that resulted to the man pushing her off the balcony.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News from her hospital bed Tinu Collins revealed that she plunged 5 floors down and not six as earlier reported by various news sites. She also revealed that her boyfriend did not push her but she fell off the balcony after having a little too much to drink.

“I was a bit drunk sitting on the balcony to get a bit of fresh air. I was having an argument with my boyfriend. My foot slipped. I grabbed onto the railings to pull myself up, but I couldn’t and fell from the fifth floor. I was conscious when I fell. I’m very lucky to be alive.” She told Manchester Evening News

Her fiancé’s alibi also confirmed how Tinu fell: “She was a bit tipsy sitting on the balcony. She slipped and tried to hold onto the bar. She fell all the way down. It happened so fast. I ran downstairs immediately. She was lying down on the floor, screaming. That’s how I knew she was alive, because she was making a noise.”

Adding on the incident Trap King Chrome said “I thought she had died. It’s pretty high up. But she’s alive. Thank God she’s alive.”

Right now a Go Fund Me page for Tinu has been set up by her fiancé to help her clear her medical bills as she doesn’t have medical insurance.

So far only £10 (about 1,300 Kshs)has been raised out of £25k (approx 3.3 Million Kshs)goal.


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