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Musician's girlfriend speaks of violent night before falling from 5th floor balcony

Her boyfriend is said to have pushed her off the balcony.

It was alleged that the lady plunged to her doom after a heated argument with her boyfriend Trap King Chrome (Bradley Juma Ombomi) at his house in Westlands that resulted to the man pushing her off the balcony.

Tinu, however, denied that Trap King Chrome pushed her as various news sites claimed. And she recently gave the details of the violent night she had before falling off that balcony.

In her Go Fund Me Page Tinu says on the night of the accident she had an altercation with her boyfriend after she found suggestive texts on his phone that he has sent to other girls. During the argument, Bradley pushed her so hard that her head smashed on the floor and after getting up she decided to sit on the balcony to take a breather and that is when she slipped and fell off the balcony.


“On June 12 2017, the night of the accident, I and Bradley had been drinking at a neighbour’s house. After drinking most of the day, we went back to his apartment. We got into an argument because I had found texts on his phone to other girls. Whilst arguing he pushed me and I fell to the ground and smashed my head on the floor. When I got up off the floor I was upset, distressed, frustrated and angry. I stormed to the balcony to get fresh air to calm down. I sat on the bar of the balcony and my foot slipped, I grabbed onto the railings and tried to pull myself up but I couldn’t and I fell 5 floors down to the ground floor. It happened so fast. When I landed on the ground I landed on my feet then fell on my side. I started screaming and Bradley and the neighbours rushed to my side. I was conscious but in a lot of pain. An ambulance was called and when arrived I was taken to Nairobi Women’s hospital. Bradley’s mother Margaret Donovan came with me to the hospital. Bradley was arrested and went to the local station. I was taken straight to the Intensive Care Unit.”

But the argument they had on that fateful night was not the first of its kind as Bradley once beat her so badly that he left her with a black-eye after which he demanded that she should cover up to avoid ‘embarrassing him.’

“I arrived in Kenya on 29th of April; Bradley collected me from the airport. The following day was his birthday we were drinking in the house, at some point throughout the evening, his mum offered me water to drink and I told her that I didn’t want a drink of water and was ok.

Out of nowhere, Bradley started to physically attack me, in front of his mum, punching me in the face countless times. I was screaming. (He gave me a black eye from that assault which lasted for more than 6 weeks. My eye was bloodshot completely swollen and very painful). After calming down and sobering up Bradley told me he only hit me because he thought I was being rude to his mum, although I wasn’t, and he promised me he would never hit me ever again, that he was sincerely sorry, he doesn’t know what come over him and blamed it on the alcohol. I believed him. Although I know now that I was stupid to forgive him.

I spent all of my money with Bradley spoiling him for his birthday and returning the hospitality the family had shown me on my first trip here. I booked a holiday for us to Mombasa in the May 2017, he was very surprised and grateful, unfortunately, I was sporting a black eye, and was told to cover it when on the days out so as not to embarrass him.”


Bradley hitting her a day after she arrived in Kenya was the beginning of a series of beatings during her 2-month Kenyan visit as Tuni revealed. “Bradley has beaten me several times whilst I have been here residing in his apartment with him and has even bitten me in front of his family and friends which made me feel scared and I began to feel a little nervous about him..”

Following the June 12 incident which left her in the ICU Tinu revealed that she has since split with Bradley because she feels that instead of him coming to see her in the hospital he used the publicity he got from her accident to propel his career.What’s more painful is that visits from Bradley and his mum are rare and she feels Bradley and his mum have neglected her in a foreign country.

“Since being hospitalised Bradley and his mother have neglected me, they hardly come to visit me and they have made me feel unwelcome and alone. They have made up excuses after excuse about helping financially and have paid nothing towards the bill, but did purchase a wheelchair as that's something that they can show to be seen as though they are being supportive.  They are all far more concerned with Bradley’s reputation and social standing and have limited if any concern for me and only made contact with my family 7 days after it happened. My family were have been and are still, very concerned for my welfare and wellbeing and were beyond frantic by the time they actually got to communicate. Bradley’s mother had told my friends that I am a burden and that I won’t be allowed back into her home now.” She emotionally disclosed.

In addition, Tinu’s her parents can’t come visit her from England as they are not moneyed and they are using the little funds they have to clear her growing medical bill. Which has been a daunting task to do as her parents have health concerns and disabilities which prevent them from working. “My mother and father are both unable to work due to different health concerns and disabilities and can’t afford to pay the bill only help me although nominally, it all adds up.”

Despite being discharged 6 weeks ago Tinu is still stuck in hospital over the unpaid bills which have amounted to £20,178.816 [2,816,575.90 Million Kenyan Shillings].


“I am here alone, scared and almost feel like I’m being held hostage by this Hospital Bill.  I am genuinely stuck here, in a stalemate until my finances are taken care of. I have nowhere else to turn and just don’t know what to do.”  A frustrated Tinu wrote.

To help Tinu, contribute on her Go Fund Me page by following this link


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