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8 Kenyans who would probably win Big Brother Africa

To win BBA you need personality, drama or looks and these guys got it!

Miracle took home 45 million Naira (Approx. 12.5 million Ksh), an SUV car and other gifts. Big Brother Africa was a big show back then. I am not sure why they discontinued it to only focus on Nigeria. The Kenyans who have represented us in the past, for Big Brother Africa did so poorly, except of course, Prezzo and Sheila Kwamboka.

If you were a fan of the show, I bet you can barely remember othe other contestants, that’s pretty much because they did a horrid job. Sorry not sorry. Huddah was evicted as the first, Malonza and his brother stood no chance, the chap in the orange suit from the first ever big brother what was his name again? Ann Mbaru, a huge disappointment, Sabina Joy guuuurl, how did you win that audition? Let’s not even talk about Bien’s brother…LOL. Anyway, I should stop bitching. My point is, we have Kenyans who can definitely go further in the BBA competition.


I get that being in a house with other strangers from different countries can take a toll on you. I know! I know! Still, I reiterate that we have Kenyans who have what it takes to win, should BBA re-launch.

We have compiled that list:

We all know that Amina is a go getter who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Amina also comes off as a smart lady and she would probably win several of the house challenges.

2. Shaffie Weru.


Shaffie is a party boy, he’s fun and he would probably be loved by the housemates. He lowkey looks like that intimidating housemate who would bully his way to the top. Just like Idris Sultan, I like the fact that Shaffie doesn’t mince his words; he’s the “speak your mind” kinda guy that Africans would love.

3. Amber Ray.

For those who do not know Amber Ray, she’s a Kenyan slay queen or rather, an Insta-famous model, linked to a B-list Kenyan Politician. Amber would be like Dillish, personality? Not so much. Looks? Hell yeah. Beauty sometimes gets you far. Dillish Matthews spent three months in front of a mirror in the BBA house and still won. Amber has the looks and a body that would bring all of Africa to the yard and vote while at it hehe.

4. Fena Gitu.


Fena has this quirky fun personality and I feel she’d be very likeable. Plus, she’s a tomboy and she’d probably stand out from the rest of the ladies in the house.

5. Pendo.

If Pendo could clearly understand that no fighting is allowed in the BBA house, then I strongly believe that she’d somehow be one of those memorable housemates. She’s carefree, wild and funny. You need to have thick skin in the BBA house. Pendo would probably be famous for shower hour cause she’s not afraid of showing off her body. She’d also probably be those conniving housemates that make schemes to kick out the most competitive housemates in the beginning. Pendo would be the housemates that are always in the bottom but always voted back in. Drama sells…

6. Julia Gaitho - Over 25 Vlog.

She’s real, relatable, likable and doesn’t try too hard. Anyone who watches Over 25 relates the most with Julia. I feel like Julia would get to the final because of being herself. You know the kind you just genuinely want to win? Yeah, she’d be that chic.


7. Jenny Muigai.

Jenny is a Kenyan Filmmaker. For those of you who may not remember, Jenny was part of KTN’s The Presenter Show in which Edith Kimani won. The show also produced other great talents such as Linda Nyangweso and Koome Gitobu. Jenny is quirky, funny, super androgynous and super likeable. If you have watched L-Word, remember how Shane made the girls go gaga? This would be Jenny. She’d have the African female vote.

8. Karanja Nzisa.

Karanja is a Writer and Marketer. If there’s one guy I’m sure would go far, it has got to be Nzisa. His unapologetically unfiltered opinions and comments would build his fan base. He’s got a strong personality and he’s cute to look at.


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