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Girl risks life while twerking on a speeding matatu

This has to be the most unpalatable, dangerous twerking video that not only deserves an investigation but also parental punishment to the girl.


We have all believed twerking has reached its height with socialites, girls on Instagram, school girls and in clubs with ladies trying to grasp the attention of sponsors or any man within their reach. But now, this video circulating on social media brings a whole other light to twerking.

In the video that circulated yesterday, the girl is seen dangerously hanging from the matatu door, with one hand holding on a seat. Mind you, the matatu is on high speed. On her perky ass, lays hands which I can only assume they belong to a man clinching on her butt cheeks. Alongside her, another boy hangs on the matatu. While two other boys halfway hanging out of the windows encouraging the girl to twerk some more.While showcasing her prowess erotic skills in shaking her small ass, the video was recording by a passenger in another passing matatu.

Many people, more so on Facebook were not thrilled about her twerking skills. With women asking what has become of our children, how millennials now put their lives in danger in more ways than one.

Play the video to see the dangerous explicitness


But why are girls this obsessed with twerking? Why put your life in danger to just shake your butt?


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