Diamond’s surprise video call to Zari on her 40th Birthday Party, Switch TV Presenter denies alleged affair with DJ MO and other top stories


Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz, Alikiba and Tanasha Donna

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Diamond’s surprise video call to Zari on her 40th Birthday Party

On Thursday (Night) WCB President Diamond Platnumz made a surprise video call to her Baby Mama Zari Hassan during her 40th Birthday party that had been graced by close friends and family.

As per a short video seen by Pulse Live, Zari is seen having a chat with Platnumz in company of her friends as she says “Baba Tee has never forgot to check on his Queen” adding "Diamooooond…. sawa Baba Tee tutaongea baadaye”.

Among those who showed up at the exquisite Party are; Pearl Thusi aka Queen Sono, DJ Zinhle Jiyane, Adams Ddumba, Nicole Capper, Ashley Ash Talal, and Matapa Maila among others.

Alikiba throws shade at Diamond and Harmonize in new Tune #Mediocree

Kings Music Records CEO Ali Saleh Kiba aka Alikiba has sparked interesting reactions after throwing shade at his nemesis Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize in new song dubbed Mediocre.

King Kiba decided to square it out with everyone who has been fighting for the “King of Bongo Flava” crown through well-arranged lyrics, that will put the debate to a rest for some time.

Kiba insinuates that his rivals have been using dark forces (witchcraft) to wow fans and claim his crown. He goes on to thump chest himself, saying his competitors are focused on doing stunts to been seen, yet he is dedicated to doing good music.

“…Njaa mi nashiba, unaishi kwa kuniiga, And I’m Alright

Ushamba mwiko kwa mtoto wa Kariakoo si

Chezi na dada zangu, nacheza na dada ako

Mixer mkong’oto

We unauza siso, mi ndio bishooo

Iga na ku-stop uone, huchuliziki hata tone

Mi nafanya wimbo, we unafanya skendo, uonekaneee,” sings Kiba.

Looking at the above lyrics its evident that both Diamond and Harmonize have been accused of copy pasting other people’s songs and it’s also true that back in 2011 Alikiba danced with Chibu Dangote’s sister Queen Darleen in their song Nakupenda.

Another verse that seems to be directed at his rivals says “…Unataka U-King na Mafundo

Mimi ndio BABA… King-dom…. Kingdom

Tena mnajishow, huyu Komandoo

Stage mafundo, wachafu wa roho, waongeza zero”

Addressing the controversy surrounding the Mediocre song, Kiba said, not everyone can be a king and there is always one king at a time

“Kila kitu nilichoimba kwenye mediocre kina make sense, Kila mtu amejibrand na watu wamempokea vile walivyompokea, Sio kila mtu anaweza kuwa KING. King huwa ni mmoja tu, na hakuna wa kuchukua nafasi yake mpaka afe. Idea ya #Mediocre ilikuja katika mizuka ya studio, ilipigwa beat na mimi nikaona ngoja nijaribu kurap, na wakati huu kumekuwa na mambo mengi ambayo to me, naona they are so #Mediocre,” said Alikiba in an interview with Clouds FM.

Zuchu speaks on allegations of stealing Tanasha Donna’s lyrics and style

WCB singer Zuchu has refuted widely spread allegations of copy pasting Tanasha Donna’s lyrics in her new song Cheche featuring Diamond Platnumz.

The singer says she came to learn of the claims, after a reporter who had gone to interview her mentioned it.

Zuchu insists that she wrote the song herself, adding that she will not fight the claims but will leave it to God

“I didn’t copy na I don’t know her manager sijawai kumuona lakini nikasema tu labda tu nimuachie Mungu labda nyimbo ni nzuri tu. Lakini sasa hivi we have something to complain about sababu watu wananijua na labda nyimbo inafanya vizuri. Kwenye hili nimeamua kumuachia mwenyezi mungu kwa sababu kila tukiamka kuna mtu mpya anasema kaibiwa Cheche… sina explanation nyingine kwa sababu nimeandika from scratch na kuna siku ambazo nilikuwa naenda kwa Mocco nakosa cha kuandika… kila kitu mnachosikia nimeimba nimekiandika mimi mwenyewe kwa mkono wangu,” added Zuchu.

Switch TV’s Joyce Maina refutes claims of dating DJ MO

Switch TV presenter cum actress Joyce Maina has refuted claims of dating DJ MO, terming them as fake news after a week of speculations.

Taking to her Insta-story, the ChatSpot host laughed-off the allegations, stating that she is not dumb to start claiming and posting a married man on social media.

“Here is something else for you to screenshot. How dumb do you think I am to post a married man (Not that I would ever be with one) on my IG. Anyway tupatane pale Chatspot kesho on Switch TV 5:50pm,” wrote Joyce Maina.

The TV girl went on to discredit netizens for doing a shoddy job in unmasking the man she is dating; saying they were just riding on fabricated stories.

“Fake news is actually Hilarious…Weh! So you guys went from not knowing what the man looks like (You just have a blurry photo that makes him look like a shadow) and now all over sudden its DJ MO. Lol You guys must have gotten A+ in composition writing, juu hii ni story mumejiandikia” wrote Ms Maina via her Insta-stories.

She added that “And for this other people who are sad, pathetic losers, because they believe everything they see on the internet and are so quick to speak with so much hate and bile, I will pray for you so that, that disease can leave your spirit. I do not know DJ Mo personally, never met him, don’t even follow him on social media. And you guys were so quick to say let’s go find Joy Maina’s man and then you find this blurry shadowy picture and then all of a sudden, its DJ Mo use your brains guys. DJ Mo has hair. DJ Mo is light skin; my man is a beautiful Chocolate man just how I like them.

I grew up in a two-parent household, I know how beautiful it is and how beneficial it is for a child to have both their parents so why would I go and break someone else’s home when I’m trying to build my own? Use your brains guys. This is just stupidity 101,”

Ghanaian actor confesses love for Zari as she turns 40 in romantic letter

Ghanaian actor cum Ghana Movie Awards founder Frederick Nuamah has confessed his love for South Africa based Ugandan business woman Zari Hassan, saying she has always been the girl of his dreams.

Nuamah penned down a romantic letter to the mother of five on her 40th Birthday, stating that she came into his life at a time he was about to give up on love.

“Mtoto kapendeza @zarithebosslady Just when I tot of giving up to the fate that true love doesn’t exist, u came and showed me the best of it. Thanks for being u for me. U are, and always have been, my dream girl. Even before I spoke to u on Eddie’s phone, ur vision was in my mind just as u are. I spent days upon days thinking about what in the world I could possibly write for u that would make this birthday amazing. I spent hours upon hours trying to figure out what to say. Nothing was as sincere as me wishing u a happy day, not just today, but every day. It's simple, ur happiness is my happiness. Ur life began on this day. My life began the day we spoke. I’m so glad both days happened. kipenzicharoho!” reads part of Frederick Nuamah’s letter to Zari.

The actor went on to state that he wants to use the letter to validate his love to the Ugandan socialite (Zari), as before he never believed that true love existed until he met her.

Zari The Boss Lady replied to the romantic letter saying she is thankful to be loved by Nuamah, whom she described as a good lover.

“Thank you babe, glad to have you in my life 😘. Thank you for having my back and loving me how one is supposed to be loved. I appreciate you 💝🙏” replied Zari.

Actress Bridget Shighadi celebrates baby daddy Nick Mutuma with this Family portrait

Maria Actress Bridget Shighadi has excited a section of her fans after putting up a beautiful family portrait as she celebrates her baby daddy Nick Mutuma who is turning a year older.

On Tuesday, the actress jot down a sweet and precise Birthday message to her baby daddy and fans could not help it but gush over her lovely family.

“Sorry Dua, he was mine first 🙃 (Girls with their daddies 🙄) Happy birthday baby @nickmutuma ❤️” reads Ms Shighadi’s message to Mutuma.

Mutuma reacted to the message saying “Thank you baby ❤️❤️ Sasa hio PS5 niaje? 🙂”

In a separate post, Mutuma uploaded the same family portrait with a caption that reads; “Dua doesn’t like to share her daddy though 😂 Thankful for family ❤️ @bridgetshighadi

The couple who like their relationship private, decided to go an extra mile and show their social media followers how they are bringing up their little daughter Dua with lots of Love.

Nick Mutuma and Shighadi who have been an item for a while now welcomed their first born daughter Dua back in February 2018.

NTV’s Dr. King’ori and Abel Mutua win coveted YouTube Award

Celebrated Media Personality cum comedian Dr. King’ori and renowned script writer Abel Mutua have become the latest celebrities in Kenya to be awarded the Silver Plaque by the YouTube Community for surpassing 100K (100,000) Subscribers mark on the streaming platform.

A thankful King’ori who achieved the new milestone through his “Wicked Edition” YouTube channel, put up message of appreciation to all his fans and viewers for keeping up with his craft. Currently, the Wicked Edition’s channel has over 146K subscribers.

“Yoh, Party people! Just received a gift hamper from YouTube (@youtube) I think it's a piece of land 😎 Means Love!🔥🔥 Many thanks to the notification gang. I hope ni kitu tunaweza gawana nikifungua” wrote King’ori.

On the other hand, Mutua who runs “Abel Mutua” a channel that tells his personal life stories, also expressed his gratitude towards his fans he refers to as Wakurugenzi.

“Wakurugenzi!!!! Look what I found!!! Bidii yenu hii Wadau. Really appreciate the love manze. Nyinyi mi Jeshi yangu and as the great Emperor Selassie said ‘Jeshi Ni Ngenu!!’ In the meantime tuingie pale Youtube, let’s catch up on the stories au sio?

“Wakurugenzi!!!! Watu wa San Bruno, California washatuma mali!!!! Bidii yenu Hii Wadau. Wacha niingie mtaa tufanye unboxing. Au sio??” shared Abel Mutua.


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