Drunk Betty Kyallo trolled, Tanasha on why she dumped Diamond and other top stories this week


Drunk Betty Kyallo trolled, Tanasha on why she dumped Diamond and other top stories this week

After a week that has been full of Update’s on COVID-19 and the ongoing countrywide Curfew #Tanokali is here once again to usher you into a beautiful and relaxed weekend, with the top trending of entertainment stories.

But remember to follow the measures put in place to stop the spread Coronavirus.

Drunk Betty Kyallo trolled

Media Personality Betty Kyallo became a topic of discussion after her drunk video surfaced Online, lecturing critics for dictating how she should live her life.

Later, the mother of one, come out to thank the people who stood with her and defended her when Netizens where all over Twitter Judging.

In a series of Insta stories, Ms Betty appreciated them for being kind, supportive and understanding, in a world filled with judgmental people.

She prayed that they get people to uplift them when they are at their lowest moment.

“But I just wanted to say everybody who has shown a lot of support and concern and lot of loves and hugs and kisses, virtual hugs and kisses. I honestly really appreciate every one of you, I really appreciate that out of a hateful world you can actually take time to uplift somebody and I really appreciate it, and I hope that even for everybody who has shown that to me, I pray that one day when you are down, there will always be somebody to uplift you too. Thank you so much I appreciate it” said Betty.

Human rights Activist Boniface Mwangi and Public figure Shaffie Weru were among celebrities who defended the K24 presenter saying that she didn't owe anyone an apology.

"Pax attacking Betty Kyallo need to chill out and find another hobby....No Human is perfect we all have our imperfections en everyone is dealing with some type of shit!!! Let he without sin cast the stone first (stone first) Let’s not just hate for RT/Likes Goodnight!!!!” tweeted Shaffie Weru.

Why I dumped Diamond Planumz- Tanasha Donna

Diamond Platnumz’s Kenyan Baby Mama Tanasha Donna Oketch has revealed the main reason for their breakup, stating why she doesn’t want her son Naseeb Junior to grow up without a father.

In an Interview with True Love Magazine, Ms Donna disclosed that her partner lost interest in the relationship prompting her to walk away, as she was the only one trying to fight for the relationship and make things work.

Tanasha pointed out that her failure to meet Chibu Dangote’s expectations in the relationship, also contributed to their breakup.

“At some point I got a bit lost, because now a child is involved and now, I’m thinking about my son not just me, I don’t want my son to grow up without a father. I’m really trying to fight for this relationship, but I can’t be the only one fighting, so I had to think of what’s best for me and my son too. Towards the end things were getting rocky, for about 6 months but we were still trying to see how we can make it work and then it got to a point where you see the other person has just lost interest. And it’s not because of anything emotional but its because of not leaving up to certain expectations he had, but it’s not his fault because everybody is wired the way they are and when you don’t leave up to this person’s expectation, for some people its not easy to hang on. So, I feel that’s where things started going down, because I really wanted to be my own person as well as be in this relationship,” said Tanasha Donna.

She added that “No more relationships for now, maybe after two to three years, now I’m married to my grind,”.

Mama Naseeb also mentioned that dating a Mama’s boy was not easy, because Diamond’s mother (Mama Dangote) is quite controlling and his son had not set boundaries when it comes to protecting the women in his life.

The Gere hit maker also said that she has no plans of taking the car gift (Toyota Land cruiser) she got from Diamond.

Diana Marua accused of stealing

Diana Marua wife to singer Kevin Bahati is on the spot again after being accused of stealing designer handbags from her friend.

On Thursday, a video of a lady claiming to be Diana Marua’s friend surfaced online, with a narration that she left her items at Ms Marua’s house but upon collection she found out that a few pieces of her designer handbags and sandals were missing.

“So unaniibia vitu zangu honestly, you are my high school friend, wen went to high school together, I was there at your first baby shower when you were having Heaven. How do you treat somebody like a trash just because you thing you are a celebrity? How do you inviuet somebody to you house after tumehave lunch, nimeacha vitu zangu, tumeonge story za Biashara, even nikajiexpose places mi hutoa vitu zangu because you said we are going to do business together. Lakini Biashara sio hata Lazima, but at least be a human being, coz I don’t understand hii story yote, hata nimeshindwa kwenda Polisi, n ahata nimeshindwa kuchukua the remaining bags juu ninge chukua hata hakungekuwa na evidence. And on top of that inaniitia Polisi Diana Marua. I feel so hurt and betrayed. I don’t what has been going on without you coz I’m so shocked,” the lady narrates in part.

Basing on the virality of the video in Question, Ms Marua reacted wondering why she was trending in Facebook Gossip pages.

“Weeeuuhh Naambiwa na trend pale chit chat na kilimani mums. Nipeeni udaku nimefanya nini na hii Corona? 😂😂😂” shared Diana Marua.

Her fans joined the conversation, telling her to stop pretending and sort out the lady who had lost her handbags.

Vanessa Mdee on her Musical break

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee has been forced to explain her absence in the music scene since she stated dating Power actor Rotimi popularly known as Andre Coleman in the series.

In a 2 Minutes-explainer video, Ms Mdee pointed out that she decided to take a musical break, after working on her craft for 13 years straight, without any rest.

“Honestly in have been in the music industry for 13 years I have never taken a break, So I finally found some time for me, to do what Vee likes, to do what Vee wants to do, to chill, I found Love, beautiful Love and I’m so happy, I’m enjoying my life. So I just wanna take time to enjoy life. I have now time to work on my podcast and thank you so much for supporting my season one. Season two is going to be even greater, I’m going to answer all your questions, because there has been a lot of concerns, when is your next song coming out, all that is gonna be answered. I wanna thank you for your love and continued supported. I just wanna advise you too to find time for yourself, realign yourself, pray, reconnect with God and take care of your family and your loved ones.” Said Vanessa Mddee.

While issuing the clarification, Vee Money’s boyfriend Rotimi appeared in the video saying “Hatuachani”

Please Use Family Planning -Size 8

Gospel singer Size 8 has urged wives to remember to use family planning amid the coronavirus pandemic that saw the Government advise people at stay home in order to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

In a video, seen by Pulse Live, the mother of two urged the women to be careful especially those who didn’t want to get more children or any children at all.

"On that note lazima tukumbushane as the committee of wives we have an agenda that has just come up, please remember to use family planning tafadhali kama unatumianga contraceptives endelea kutumia tafadhali, wale hawataki Watoto sahii tujulishane tuambiane But we are still happy that they are at home, tunafurahi sana sisi kama wanawake” said the singer.

Harmonize and wife Sarah

Tanzanian singer Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize and his Italian wife Sarah Michelotti have unfollowed each other on Instagram, shortly after cheating allegations surfaced online.

An update by Sarah on her insta-story said that, “She’s broken because she believed. He’s ok because he lied.”

In a video that has been highly circulated by Tanzanian gossip sites where a raging woman said to be Sarah is heard shouting insults from outside a residence said to be that of Nicole Berry.

The sites further claim that Harmonize has been staying with the socialite the past one week at her place and it’s what prompted Sarah to storm the place.

Reports surfaced online that Harmonize was cheating on his wife with Tanzanian socialite Nicole Joyce Berry, whom she recently featured in his Bedroom song video as a vixen.

Nicole Berry put up a Suggestive post “𝗻𝘂𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝟭 you CAN’T buy a man’s Love, 𝗻𝘂𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝟮 Be Your Man’s Peace, otherwise He will Go & Find 𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗲 somewhere Else!!!!! and Bitch please refer to “ Proverbs 14:1“ “am still enjoying Bedroom song lyrics in my bedroom, 😏😏” .

Diamond’s Manager Sallam SK recovers from Coronavirus

Diamond Platnumz Manager Sallam SK becomes the second person to recover from Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Tanzania.

On Tuesday Sallam announced that he is out of Isolation, after testing negative twice for the novel Coronavirus, that has now spread all over the world.

The manager was quarantined on March 14th, 2020 after testing positive for COVID-19 upon his arrival from France with a section of the WCB Family.

“After 14 days got tested twice and both results came back negative and now am out of Isolation Centre. Thanks to Allah, Thanks to Doctors, Nurses and the government,” said Sallam SK.

Sallam recovers at a time another WCB Member, Lizer Classic has been put in Isolation after testing positive for Coronavirus.

“Kwa mfano mtu kama Lizer ambaye amekutwa yuko positive lakini anadumu tu freshy ... sasa huyo ana mpaka muda gani ndo anaweza kuhurusiwa kwenda nyumba na akiwa hana virus tena” Diamond asked the Health officer who had visited them in their Quarantined location.


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