I’m alive and well – Yvonne Okwara after surgery, I have attempted suicide 3 times –Comedian Njoro opens up and other top stories


Frankie with Corazon, Njoro the Comedian and Yvonne Okwara

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I’m alive and well – Yvonne Okwara after undergoing surgery

Citizen TV news anchor Yvonne Okwara has said that she is well and alive, after undergoing surgery to correct a spinal problem she has been battling.

Ms. Okwara who also took the chance to explain her absence from Thursday night show News Gang said she has been dealing with two slip discs in her lower spine, which have been causing her a lot of pain for about 2 years.

“Hey guys.

It's been a while. Missed y'all..

I'm alive and well! 😜 But I needed to take a step back and look after my mind and body.

I've been dealing with 2 slip discs in my lower spine. Which have caused excruciating, chronic pain for close to 2 years now.

One day I'll write about what it's like living with chronic pain. Every day. Putting on a brave face at work, with friends and how it changes your life, the mind and how exhausting and limiting it is. Always lurking in the background as you try to go about with your life.

So, after trying everything from drugs to physio, we decided to go for spinal surgery to fix the problem. Thank you to those who've called, texted, and sent gifts (@nyamaicynthia, @mzingizi @jamila.mohamed1 @waihigamwaura @trevor_ombija @victoria_rubadiri @wgkantai @mizmuli and many others, thank you)

I hope to make a quick recovery and get back to doing what I love. In the meantime, stay safe y'all. Let's avoid the stigma around COVID-19. #SikuNjema wrote Yvonne Okwara.

I have attempted suicide 3 times –Comedian Njoro opens up on battling depression

Churchill show Comedian George Maina Njoroge alias Njoro the comedian opened up on battling depression and alcoholism while appealing for help from Kenyans.

Speaking to his fellow comedian Zainabu Zeddy, Njoro disclosed that he has attempted suicide three times over the struggles he was going through, but all the attempts failed.

He pointed out that towards the end of last year, (October, November and December) life was very hard for him and he made a decision to throwing himself down a cliff but a stranger intervened and saved his life.

“Ya kwanza nililamba dawa ya Panya, nilikuwa nalamba ka Glucose, ya pili nilibuy dawa ya Ng’ombe, hiyo nilikuwa nimeambiwa ukichapa ni hivyo, nilichapa hiyo. Ingine nilijaribu kujikata hapa kwa Mkono but Zote Zilifail.

October, November December, nilikuwa mbaya hata ukinotice Instagram yangu hiyo time sikuwa napost anything, ni state nilikuwa. Nilikuwa mbaya. Kuna ile time nilikucall, nilikuwa nataka kwenda kujipeana hapa View point, nilikuwwa nataka kwenda kurusha Gari na huko chini. Sijuwi mungu alituma nani, kuna mtu tu alikuja nikiwa naomba maombi ile ya Mwisho, I don’t know kama huyo mtu alisikia. Alikuwa na Lorry, aka park nyuma yangu na akahook gari yangu, sasa wakati nimemaliza maombi ya mwisho kwenda kudrive gari haiendi, Kumbe alikuwa amehook gari yangu nyuma, so akanishow hutafanya hii kitu unataka, so watu wakajaa hapo nikajitoa. But I was going there,” said Njoro.

The funnyman went ahead to state that, currently he is in need of financial support and counselling because the Medicine he has been taking to help better his condition is very expensive.

“Nilikuwa nimefika Mwisho, inakuwa story ingine painful sana lakini kila mtu napambana na hali yake. So kitu naenza omba ni financial Support because I lost everything, na pia kama kunamsee anaweza sponsor hiyo story ya mental health. Numba yangu ya simu ni 0746426336 (George Njoroge).

I cried, begged Gloria Muliro to come home - Pastor Eric Omba

Music Producer and Pastor Eric Omba has for the first time opened up about his failed marriage with Gospel singer Gloria Muliro, stating that it took him 2 years to move on after their failed marriage in 2015.

In an interview with Switch TV, Omba disclosed that moving on was the hardest thing for him to do because he doesn’t believe in divorce.

“It took me two years, but before reaching on that decision it was a fight. Before I decided to move on it was a fight.

I followed her for almost a year and half, I went up to her parents, sisters even her friends trying to repair the relationship. I tried everything, I traveled from Nairobi to Ushago with other Bishops. We started at intercontinental hotel talking on how we can come back together. But she was saying no, my time is over, I can’t go back again, she wanted a divorce but I never wanted it. Nilikataa Kabisa because I don’t believe in Divorce. They even sent me letters from her Lawyer saying I was harassing this lady and if you continue nitapelekwa mbele. They even said if I see her even in 10 meters I have to back off, and I still have that letter. I can’t sit with her in one building because its 10 meters. She blocked all the channels to communicate with her,” Pastor Omba explained.

Omba further said that he has now moved on, married and blessed with two kids.

Jalang’o & Njoro break down as they pay tribute to Papa Shirandula

On Wednesday, Comedian Jalang'o brought together his two best friends in the industry Captain Oyoyo and Njoro for a special edition on Bonga Na Jalas to pay tribute to the late Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula.

The three lads who worked together sometime back, had some very emotional moments on the show reminiscing the good old days when Papa was alive and how instrumental he was in their lives.

At some point Jalang’o and Njoro broke down in tears narrating how Papa elevated their acting careers and how they will miss him now that he is no more.

In their conversation, Jalang’o and Captain Otoyo disclosed that the stage names they use (Jalang’o and Otoyo) were given to them by Papa Shirandula when they joined the Show as Wilbrioda’s brothers at that particular time.

“So I call Papa’s Number and somebody else picks, I think ni Dada ya Beatrice Papa’s wife and tells me I know why you are calling Jalas, we lost Papa this morning. I did not even think twice; I went straight to Karen Hospital. When we got to Karen Hospital I got akina Wilbrioda and Awinja already there and nobody is allowed to see Paps. But we talked to one guy there and he agreed us to see Paps. Then I went to see Paps, at that point Wilbroda and Awinja lost it, nobody is allowed to cry in Karen Hospital but you can’t hold yourself. You have just seen your mentor the guy who gave you life. If not for him there would be no Otoyo, no Jalang’o and Njoro today. I have seen Papa and confused,” said Jalang’o and then he was unable to holds back his tears.

Njoro joined the conversation trying to explain how unfortunate it was to bury Papa Shirandula in such a hurried way, but emotions got over him and he started to shed tears.

“Papa was not a friend to me he was a brother to me wakati nilikuwa na mashida nyumbani nilikuwa nikipigia Papa akuje aongee na bibi yangu mambo inakamilika. Papa alikuwa anasolve shida zangu za nyumbani. Second in terms of investments tulikuwa tunainvest na Papa tunaulizana sasa wife nikimuongezea hii project atakuwaje,” said Njoro.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie unfollow each other, delete IG photos

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka and her boyfriend Frankie Just Gymit raised eyebrows among their Insta-Family after unfollowing each other and deleting photos they had taken together.

On Thursday, fans of the celebrity couple woke up to the news that their favorite people were no longer following each other, with Ms Kwamboka putting up a post that says “My Karma came too soon”.

The dilemma surrounding the act of unfollowing and deleting photos from IG, forced Corozan to clear the air saying they had opted for a private relationship.

“So I posted something yesterday that was supposed to be a joke, I’m not single, so they think you broke up with me when I’m Pregnant, both of us are good and I just have a cold but it’s not Covid, so we have decided that the social media pressure is too much and so we are keeping everything private for now and the future” said Corozano Kwamboka via her Insta-stories.

Sol Generation’s Kaskazini breaks up as 2 members leave the band

Boy Band Kaskazini has broken up as two key members (Israel Onyach and Ywaya Eugene) leave the group to pursue other things.

Kaskazini mentioned that it was a mutual agreement that the two singers leave after years of working as a team.

Kaskazini now remains with Chris Clave who was the band’s lead singer as Ywaya and Onyach leave the group.

To our beloved fans, you’ve been our family since the days of ‘pombe’ to our first official single, ‘if I had your number’ Words cannot explain the gratitude that we have towards you guys for your constant love and support. This decision was not an easy one for us, regardless, we’re grateful for what we’ve achieved so far. It was a collective and mutual agreement made by the team Kaskazini that Israel Onyach and Ywaya Eugene have left the band to embark on a different journey,” said a post shared by Kaskazini.


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