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Kamene Goro attacked, Bridget Achieng on 2nd pregnancy with baby daddy and other stories on #UhondoMtaani

After a week that has been full of politics and political drama, #UhondoMtaani is here once again to usher you into a beautiful and relaxed weekend, with the top trending of entertainment stories. We are here to serve you with the juice you might have missed, trying to catch up with the Kibra By-election and other things.

So, let’s get to the business of the day;

Zari, where is King Bae?

Several months ago, South Africa based Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan disclosed that she had found a new love.

This was about a year after she parted ways with the father of her two kids (Tiffah and Nillan) Diamond Platnumz.

In photos shared by the Boss Lady, the two even got married and bought a new house.

However, if you are a keen follower of Zari, then you must have noticed that she has stopped sharing videos and photos of King Bae for months.

A curious fan identified as Romano then asked for the whereabouts of her man, “And where is King bae nowadays?”

The mother of five then contemptuously responded saying that he was dead.

@breromanos DEAD🤓” she responded.

Mama Tee, is there something we don’t know?

Pettiness galore! Kamene Goro attacked over HIV results

Kiss 100 Presenter Kamene Goro was attacked, after sharing her HIV test results on Instagram.

Several of her followers did not take well the post and went ahead to question if she would post the result, if it was positive. Others however, commended her for the bold move.

After the backlash, the sassy presenter defended her move in a video, stating that sharing her result was not the most important, but to get tested.

She called on people to stop being ignorant and instead know their HIV status.

“The heart of the matter is getting tested. Know where you stand, not a negative or a positive result. Get tested, It’s about responsibility, you cannot be shallow minded,” said Kamene.

#UhondoMtaani believes sharing your HIV status with the public is a personal choice and should not be a reason for one to throw insults at another. We also believe that it is of utmost importance that everyone knows their HIV status. All said and done, Kamene Goro did the right thing!

I’m not pregnant for my baby daddy! - Bridget Achieng

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng was forced to address reports that she is pregnant again, for her baby daddy.

In a video seen by Pulselive.co.ke, the mother of one who was responding to assumptions about herself said the claims were false, adding that she had not fully recovered from having her first child.

She went on to say that she would like to have a house full of babies but circumstances cannot allow, because she gave birth through Cesarean section and can only give birth to three more babies.

Yaani kuna vitu nasoma hapa nachoka. Is it true that you are pregnant again by your first baby daddy? Pregnant again? You guy, tumbo yangu ilikatwa tu juzi, sijapona. I am not pregnant again but to be honest, I want a house full of babies. A football club. Yaani I need babies or a rugby team. Ningekuwa naweza zaa watoto 12 ningezaa but unfortunately I can only be able to get four and the fourth one will be by God’s grace. So trust me, I’m gonna give you three more babies and no I’m not pregnant with my baby daddy.” she said.

Did Eric Omondi and Chantal really break up?

Comedian Eric Omondi recently pulled a fast one on his fans after he disclosed that he talks to his ex-girlfriend Chantal Grazioli every day, even after parting ways.

In an interview with Dr Ofweneke, Eric who was asked if he misses the Italian beau said he does not, because they talk every single day.

He went on to call her during the show to prove his words.

I don’t miss Chantal because I talk to Chantal. Yeah every single day. Let’s call Chantal I hope she’s on,” said Eric.

He also refused to clarify whether the public breakup was real or just a stunt.

From the above, the only thing #UhondoMtaani can authoritatively tell you is that time will tell.

In May, Eric Omondi raised eyebrows among his followers, after he wrote a message suggesting that he had parted ways with his longtime girlfriend Chantal Grazioli.

Omondi said that he had known Chantal for a longtime and being together completely changed his life, as he wished her the best in life.

Rosa Ree in trouble!

Rapper Rosa Ree landed in trouble with authorities in Tanzania after appearing naked in “Vitamin U” a video she was featured in by Timmy Tdat.

Rosa was summoned to appear before the Tanzania Film Board to explain her actions.

After honoring the summons, she went public with an apology, stating that she had learnt a lot from the discussion they had and wouldn't repeat the mistake again. 

“Radhi. Ningependa kuomba radhi kwa waliokwazwa na ile video iliyosambaa mtandaoni. Leo hii nimefurahi kukutana na Bodi ya Filamu Tanzania 🇹🇿 @tanzania_film_board na wamenielimisha mengi kuhusiana na sanaa na kanuni zake. Tutaendelea kufanya kazi pamoja ili kuweza kuifikisha sanaa ya Tanzania mbali Zaidi. From now kazi zangu zitakuwa up to standards,” wrote Rosa Ree.

The Video in question was then pulled down from YouTube, after the Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua, reached out to YouTube to only make the “Vitami U” video available to adults only.

After it was pulled down, a censored one was uploaded.

Juma Jux speaks on ex-Vanessa Mdee dating Power star Rotimi

Singer, Juma Jux finally opened up about his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Mdee’s relationship with power star Rotimi.

Jux said that he was very happy that Vanessa had moved on and wished her the best in her relationship.

He admitted that he watches Power and loves the way Rotimi acts.

The ‘In case you don't know’ singer went ahead to say that he wouldn’t blame Vanessa for anything, since there were issues that arose in the relationship leading to their break up.

Kwa sababu unajua katika mapenzi ikawa watu wanapendana sana, mmoja akamove on mmoja akabaki, kuna mambo inakua hayaendani sawa drama nini, vitu mingi sana lakini ikiwa nyinyi wote mko katika good space kila mtu ana furaha automatically inaenda baadaye mko sawa. Mimi all I want is peace kila mtu akue na furaha, kwa hivyo to be honest mi nimefurahi sana sana sana. I’m sure she’s happy now, awe na furaha na aendelee na kazi yake,” he said.

His words come a few weeks after Vanessa confirmed that she was dating Rotimi popularly known as Andre Coleman in the series Power.


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