Size 8 accuses husband of sexually starving her, Diamond doesn’t support his son – Tanasha and other top stories this week


DJ Mo and Size 8, Khaligraph Jones and Tanasha Donna

After a week that has been full of political drama, and updates on the Covid-19 pandemic, #UhondoMtaani is here once again to usher you into a beautiful and relaxed weekend, with the top trending of entertainment stories.

So, let’s get to the business of the day;

Size 8 accuses hubby of sexual starvation

Gospel singer Linet Munyali aka Size 8 accused her husband Sammy Muraya popularly known as DJ Mo of starving her sexually.

In an episode of their reality TV show Dine with the Murayas, the two were responding to questions on issues affecting their marriage, when Mo picked a question where the Mateke singer complained of being starved sexually for three weeks.

Na si unapenda kucomplain kuna vitu hata mtu hawezi ongea kwa TV sahii. Sasa mbona unaongea story ya dryspell kwa hii nyumba. Si issue ya kuandika kwa paper, unaniita tu at least we talk,” posed DJ Mo.

Size 8 went ahead to mention that they had not had sex for three weeks blaming it all on her husband.

She further accused Mo of spending more time with his friends.

Babe tumekaa three weeks hatujahave sex kwa hii nyumba fault ni yako nikikupigia simu sijui uko na maboyz sijui unafanya nini na maboys,” complained Size 8.

In his defense, DJ Mo said he has been busy working to fend for the young family, “Unajua kwa hii nyumba mtu akisota ni issue ukikosa kuhustle ni issue.”

Who does that?

I couldn’t get endorsement deals for being controversial – Nonini

Legendary rapper Hubert Mbuku Nakitare alias Nonini revealed that being controversial with his music back in the days denied him lots of endorsement deals despite having a big name in the music industry.

Speaking in a recent interview, Nonini mentioned that corporates avoided him due to his controversial nature.

Despite wa kina Clemo and kina Jua Cali kuendelea kuni encourage kufanya hii mziki controversial, artiste we getting a lot of endorsements, Kina Nameless walikuwa wanapata maendorsements, kina Redsan, kina Ogopa, guys were doing shows for Red-Bull, trust-condom, watu wanawekwa kwa ma billboard. Although I had hits, biggest hits in this Country, I never got any endorsement, nothing. Because the people who were seating in the Boards Rooms back then, walikuwa wanasema zii, huyu jamaa ni controversial hatuwezi muweka kwa any of our brands,” revealed Nonini.

He further explained that he came to learn much later that the controversy surrounding his name and music was the main reason for missing out on endorsements.

The We Kamu hit maker said that he decided to open up so that young artistes can learn from him that being controversial isn’t rewarding at the end of the day.

Sikuwa nataka kumuoa Zari – Ringtone Apoko

Controversial Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has finally explained why he wanted to give one of his Range Rovers to South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

The Zoea Mawe singer said that he did not want to marry Zari but only wanted to encourage her, as he accused the media of misinterpreting his post.

He went on to mention that as a Christian, he only said he loved her just like Jesus loves her.

Zari sikuwa nataka kumuoa. Niliona Diamond amemuacha na anacomplain ati amekuwa heart broken. Mimi kama mtumishi wa mungu nikaona nimuencourage. My first post nilisema Zari najua umeachana na Diamond ulishasema mwenyewe na kama unatafuta mwanaume hawezi kukuheartbreak ni yesu. Nikamwambia mimi kama Ringtone nakupenda kabisa venye yesu anakupenda,” said Ringtone.

The controversial singer clarified that he offered Zari his high end car (Range Rover) because he had seen her posts declaring love for that model of cars, and since he had others, he offered her one.

Hio nilikuwa najaribu kumsaidia. Alikuwa amepost akisema anapenda range rover akapost ako na ya White, nikaona sababu nina nyingi na yeye ako na moja nikaona nimpe ya black,” he added.

Diamond doesn’t support his son – Tanasha Donna

Sawa hit-maker Tanasha Donna has revealed that her baby Daddy Diamond Platnumz doesn’t take care of his son Naseeb Junior financially.

In an interview with Jalang’o Ms Donna disclosed that she is taking care of her son by herself and she is not in need of Diamond’s support.

I have been doing it all on my own to be honest, I will be 100% honesty with you. I’m very real and am not gonna say something that is not the case, with all the respect I have for him and I doesn’t have any bad blood with him. He is not supporting and am doing it on my own and I don’t need his support to be honest. I’m raising my son just fine, there is nothing that boy lucks in his life. He is fine,” said Tanasha Donna.

Just the other day, Ms Donna mentioned that she is currently in good terms with her baby Daddy as they co-parent to ensure Naseeb Junior is accorded the required Parental Love.

About unfollowing Diamond and his WCB Family Donna said that she was avoiding constant reminders of her breakup.

You know when I left that relationship, unajua mimi niko na weakness ya kureact saa zingine, it’s one of my weakness. I felt like at the moment coz I’m on Instagram, tuko kwenye social media and that’s what is helping me earn my coins, and I felt like I would be spending most of my time there and if I follow all this people nitakuwa na constant reminder of what I was going through'. Right now I have healed and me and the father of my son we are okay, we are in talking terms. We are not enemies, we are in communication for our son and I respect him very much and everyone that he works with but at that specific time, you know when you are going through a breakup, you are going through pain and I felt that what will help me easy the pain nikuwa-unfollow ili nisione constantly what’s happening,” explained Tanasha Donna.

Angry Khaligraph Jones slams those fighting against racism

Rapper Brian Robert Ouko aka Khaligraph Jones has criticized Kenyans fighting against racism across the world, asking them to begin with Nairobi.

In a post seen by #UhondoMtaani, the rapper called on Kenyans to first address the racism in Nairobi City estates (Westlands and Lang’ata) where only Indians are allowed to rent and own property in specific areas.

While we ARE ADDRESSING RACISM- can someone address the INDIANS ONLY APARTMENTS AND HOUSES in Westlands and Langata??” said his post.

Papa Jones went on to narrate how he experienced racism first hand, when he went house hunting in Lang’ata last year.

According to him, he saw the houses online and when he visited the estate, they were prevented from entering because they are not Indians. They were later told that only Indians can own property in that area.

Last year I went to Lang’ata to inquire about some Nice houses I had seen on the Internet, after getting there we were prevented from Entering the Estate cause we were told we aren’t Indians, apparently only Indians can own property in That Area, Niljua Ni mazishi Nikarudi Kayole polepole. The OG was not respected,” narrated Khaligraph Jones.


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