Eric Omondi's stunt is just an all time low

We cannot go silent as Eric Omondi does this...

As a man I watched with my mouth wide open due to disbelief and disdain at the NSFW (Not Safe for Work) video clip that is doing rounds on social media.

The question that is arrogantly wringing in my head in red capital letters is “What was he thinking!”

Out here Eric has established himself as a hardworking comedian and person who has a diversified brand. He is known as a talented creative who can make a woman blush with his outstanding acts of romance.

I am personally having a very hard time trying to reconcile these two images: The professional who holds a journalism degree from the prestigious Daystar University and the grinning naked man who would be mistaken to be one of those boys who swim in the river because at their age and circumstance they are allowed to.

Am actually more irritated by the fact that some boys there had the decency to at least cover their nether areas with tight shorts. While the adult there (Eric Omondi) was in his birthday suit.

This is an effrontery to manhood and to the serious brands that have associated themselves with the big comedy name he had built.

Eric Omondi just forgot that the internet never forgets and that one day, at a very inconvenient time, that clip will resurface.

Perhaps he just wanted to humble himself to the level of those young boys so as to blend with them. Just to follow the saying when you go to Rome do what the romans do.

Really, did he have to stoop down that low?

The former Churchill Show comedian should start strategizing on damage control by going into hibernation till this fire cools off. How he will recover from this only God knows.

I cannot raise questions on his state of mind because he knew what he was doing.

I really pity the young people who were looking up to him as a role model.

One can only imagine the reaction of Chantal when she saw the videos of her man making himself the joke of the town yet she is associated with him romantically. Even if love is blind, that act all by itself is visible and loud enough.

If she is okay with it I just cannot comment any further. It speaks for itself.

Before I end is this the man who was trending because of the size of his testicles? Am out!!


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