Boniface Mwangi slammed for trying to help Achieng Abura’s son

Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi has been on the receiving end after his call to help raise funds for Achieng Abura’s sickly son was perceived to be reeking of hypocrisy.


Kenyans are angry with celebrities who are ‘pretending’ to care about Achieng Abura now that she has died; this is after the Afro-Jazz singer revealed in her last interview that friends abandoned her when she tried raising money for her sickly son.

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A concerned Boniface Mwangi saw the need to start a campaign to raise money for Abura’s son, but Kenyans couldn’t have none of it.

“I never post medical appeals even for my own relatives. I have broken that rule, because here is a chance to turn all the love we have for Achieng to give a new lease of life to her only son. Prince's mum is no more but we can direct all the love we had for her and support her son.” Boniface Mwangi posted on Facebook.

Kenyans, including actress Barbara Chepkoech Adams, smelt the hypocrisy in Boniface’s campaign and decided to fire back at her.

“Hypocrisy of Kenyans ought to end, and must end. If you didn't support someone when alive, don't claim them when dead.

RIP Achieng' Abura. I am sorry, I never knew you when alive. Our paths never crossed. But will extend support to your son to raise the medical bill for his treatment.

When the truth is bestowed on us ........RIP ACHIENG ABURA ...” Barbara Chepkoech posted.

Below are some of the comments Kenyans posted after Boniface announced he was launching a campaign to raise money for Achieng Abura’s son:

Bensouda Mchomba: Boniface mwangi now u r becoming irrelevant. Now that Achieng is dead u too got a call from her...pls spare us ur nonsense! Where were u when she was doing a fundraising for her son...stop using the dead for ur own gain Mr big mouth.

JC Wangoto: Which Kenyans are you blaming? You particularly knew her at a personal level, what did you do to help her? Why did it take you all that time to post the photos? We are all guilty as charged but you and many others who knew Achieng at a personal level are the biggest hypocrites.

Were Wetaba: Fact 1.Abura is dead .Fact2:Son needs medical attention.Fact3.Few helped her in hour of need.Fact4:Refer to fact one and help or quietly leave the ones willing to help in peace.

Bill Wanda Bajaj: Guys Bonnie just recalled memories of Abura on a light note...and then bring up the sons issue so that people can help! I dont understand why some folks here are angry at Mwangi!Help the son if you can..!you dont have to be personal here..!When will some people grow up.?

Abdulmalik Ouko: I was in Kenyatta mortury on suturday when we went to collect the body of my brothers son,which was to be burried at langata.What sadened me #BonfaceMwangi is that the morgue attendant told me that he has Achieng Obura's remains but nobody has ever come to view the body.We had to pay our last respect and demanded to view the body.#AchiengOburaRIP.

Moses Kuria: You claim to be her friend yet you didn't attend any of her fundraiser "hypocrisy of the highest level"posting her pictures will only add colour to your hypocrisy.

Peter N Njenga: Boniface mwangi thenks for the powerful message.... am glad you new her very well....BT what did you do as a friend....with all your fame in instagram, Twitter and Facebook did you do anything to help her....nothing at are always there blam...See More

Frida Kiogora: I thk if u r a genuine person u shld b telling us hw we shld help conjestina coz she is also a heroine en nt well at the moment. Am unagonja akienda,God forbid, urudi hapa na tupicha na kutushw the last time u spent wth her.

Ephantus Ngugi: Since you know her soo well,and you talked for looooong hours,since us Kenyans dont buy her music,As a foreigner do you buy her music and did you contribute some £ for her son???just asking....


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