Vanessa Mdee pours her heart out to Rotimi during live radio Interview

Vanessa is swimming in deep waters of love

Vanessa Mdee goes on a Baecation with Hollywood actor Rotimi  in Miami (Photos/Video)

Tanzanian Singer Vanessa Mdee has showered her new actor boyfriend Rotimi with lots of praises, stating that it only took her two days to realize that he is the man she would like to spend the rest of her life with.

In an interview with Millard Ayo, Mdee poured out her heart, revealing that he met the power actor at the Essence Festival (July) and their connection was immediate.

She went on to describe Rotimi, born Olurotimi Akinosho as a very generous person who relates well with people and understands his position in a woman’s life.

We met at the Essence Festival

The Bado hit-maker mentioned that since hooking up with the actor, a lot has changed in her life, and she is happy with the direction her love life has taken.

“Rotimi ananizdi busara sana. Ni mtu ambaye ananipa ushauri ambao sijawahi kupwewa na mtu yeyote duniani. Unaeza ukakaa naye ukatafakari maisha yako yote ulikuwa unafanya nini. Nikama ulikuwa unachelewa, unapoteza maisha, unajidhalilisha. Tulikutana Essence festival Juliy kule marekani, ambapo tulitambilswa na rafiki yetu and everything else was instant. Tulikutan ekwenye after party ya spotify and it was so strange kwa sababu sikuwahi hata kutizama power kwa muda japo najua kazi zake vizuri. It was so crazy coz tulitambulishwa alafu akasimama mbele yangu I was like, why is he standing here. So we started talking and we talked for a long time and exchanged numbers. And it was like fresh air. He was to go sit with his fellow actors wa Power but akakuja pande yetu. Ni mtu ambaye kila nikizungumza naye naskia amani ya moyo, furaha, butterflies mpaka kesho, he was so real. It was something very special from the beginning" said Vanessa Mdee.

He is my husband to be

Vee Money disclosed that after getting to know each other for a while, they decided to go for a holiday and that’s when their affair officially kicked off.

“So we took a break na tulikubaliana kuwa hatutashika simu, just the two of us, just talk and it took me only two days kujua kuwa huyu ndio mwanaume nitakuwa naye maishani. I was like this is my husband. He has changed my life completely. He loves God, relates well with people, very generous and understands who he is, ana hekima sana. He is a very happy person, he is a very straight forward and a happy person. He is very talented, (model, singer acting)" added Vee Money.

She added that, she will be spending most of her time in the US, just to be close to Rotimi.

Rotimi is a Nigerian-American actor, singer and model. He is known for his role as Darius Morrison on the Starz series Boss and currently stars as Andre Coleman on Power.


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