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Vanessa Mdee stuns with new look after getting roasted by fans (Photos)

She looks hotter than you have ever seen her.

But since she is Vanessa Mdee, you all know that her hair had to have a little edge to it and so she dyed her hair bright orange.

While fashionistas lauded her orange hair as her edgiest look yet, many fans did not vibe with the short dyed haircut which seems to be the ‘in’ look in Tanzania right now.

And so they took to Instagram to express their opinion since they are used to seeing her in long weaves. Some even compared her to a Marabou Stork and Duracell batteries after she debuted the daring style. But we all know that no one puts Vanessa in a corner and the clap back came in swift and vicious.


A few weeks after the hullaballoo surrounding her orange has died down, Cash Madame is back to her old ways, in a stunning purple and blonde weave.

Check her out.

Photo Credits: bnwstudios


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