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My salon is a multi-million business - Vera Sidika reveals

I am not broke - Sidika.

“I won’t be travelling as much as I used to. People keep saying that ‘Ooh she hasn’t travelled for 6 months she is broke. Ooh, that is why she is dating Otile. Maybe coz she is broke, she doesn’t have sponsors.’ But sweetie this is a multi-million investment. So I am not broke because I spent a whole lot of money on this project. So the reason I am here is because I feel that my business needs to have a very stable foundation and yes I have seen the world so what else am I looking for? I need to settle down and build an empire and secure the future for my kids.” Vera told Mpasho Hustlers.

The booytful business lady revealed that her motivation for introducing the salon was not only to mint money but to offer exclusivity and luxury to those who like their privacy.

“I chose to do a salon because my hairdresser, masseuse and nail technician come and do everything in my house. I have a little salon in my house. I honestly feel like most salons in Kenya are not so private, it’s like an open space, there is no partition. I used to feel it’s very open, I feel like when you walk in people look at you, maybe start gossiping and it  is uncomfortable because I am a public figure. When you walk in people feel like they have a right to take pictures of you...I don’t have a problem with that but I like privacy and it would make me feel uncomfortable. Or when you walk out the staff will start gossiping, stuff like that.”


Vera admitted that she also likes glam and her passion for glam inspired the salon too. “I used to be into the glam life a lot because my mum is very glamorous so it’s something I have grown to love and I realized that I needed privacy.”

also promises luxury and class “I decide that let me set up something that people only see on TV, people only see this on the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ or something. For the people who can’t travel or for the people who don’t have the time to travel, I’m bringing the experience home. It’s a different feel.”


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