People think vera means Veronica-Vera Sidika shows off her birth certificate

Vera shares a photo of her birth certificate

She wrote through her social media, “Name my parents gave me was Vera not Veronica it’s clearly stated on the birth certificate. So y’all stop saying I should accept Veronica. I just said that because people assume Vera means Veronica (These uptown villagers)”

The controversial lass has shared her certificate of birth through her social media. She has also confirmed that she indeed is 28 years.

Vera has revealed that she just saw her birth certificate for the first time in her life. The lassie shared a photo of the certificate and captioned, “My dad randomly sent me this while going through his files little vee birth certificate I was born at Aga Khan Hospital btw Vera Sidika Yup my real name Fancy huh! Oh plus I am 28 years old. Not 21 I always joke about this.”

Vera also wrote:

"Today is actually the first time I am seeing my birth certificate don’t even know why I smiled after receiving the image I was imagining little me lool. I need my baby pics now My mom never lets them leave the family album," she said.

The socialite has been headlining newspapers recently. The video vixen seems to have found love with singer Otile Brown. Every step they take, they have been sharing with their fans. The most recent move the two took was share their HIV test results with online users.

The ‘Chaguo la moyo’ hit maker even stated that he is prepared to marry Vera. It is however still not clear whether their moves are legit or just a prank.

In the past celebs have used such publicity stunts when they are trying to hype an upcoming event, show or even bringing that eager and psyche so that a song performs better than it probably could when released.

Otile brown and Sanaipei shared photos of their wedding before they released their video. They left fans speculating and it later emerged it was a video they were working on. Willy Paul and Allaine and even Bahati applied the same technique.


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