Vera Sidika’s short-lived romance with Otile brown ended on a nasty note after the socialite embarrassed her ex on social media.

In a number of Instagram stories, Vera disclosed that Otile’s manhood was small, his foreplay game non-existent and that he would ejaculate fast.

Vera the tea-spiller (Instagram)

Vera Sidika recently got a new man who has her glowing and she couldn’t help but praise him on Instagram.

”Ignore the ones on my head ...whenever I think about you ...I get butterflies in my stomach,” read part of her post before she added this in French “Hâte d'être dans vos bras bientôt mon amour (Looking forward to being in your arms soon my love).

Vera in love (Instagram)

In an exchange with a fan on social media she also spilled the tea on her new man’s mjulubeng by saying that he is quite hung and she likes it like that.

Vera’s reply (Instagram)

New love

Vera Sidika got a new sweetheart days after her acrimonious breakup with Otile Brown.

She made this revelation to Kiss where she refuted claims that her break up was a publicity stunt to pique interest in her single ‘Nalia’

“The break up is not a stunt. We are no longer together and I will never get back with him. I have already moved on, as a matter of fact, I’m seeing someone else,” she declared.

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