Vera Sidika’s prayer as boyfriend turns year older

Mapenzi Matamu

Vera Sidika’s prayer as boyfriend turns year older

Socialite Vera Sidika is swimming in deep waters of love and on Thursday she took to social media to say a special pray for her Tanzanian Boyfriend Jimmy Chansa upon turning a year older.

Ms Sidika who has been dating Jimmy for some months now, is asking God to shower her man with lots of blessings and release favour upon him. 

“Happy Birthday to the most handsome man in the World. My King My Dr. Bae On your special day I pray that the ground you walk upon will forever bring you blessing. The sky above will forever release favour on you. The breeze around you will forever blow peace. Happy birthday my love @iamjimmychansa I love you” reads Vera Sidika message to Jimmy.

Private party in Tanzania

In previous interview, Vera disclosed that she fell for Jimmy because he is very kind, loving and respectful. The two met at a private party in Tanzania, where they had both been invited.

Ms Sidika also confessed that she is so much in love with Chansa and she is thinking about settling down.

“I have never felt like this before. You recall me telling you (Pulse) about plans to get a sperm donor and never to get married? That has changed in those two weeks. I want him to come and settle down with me here, I want us to make a family, I want us to make kids and live together,” Vera said.

Not after money or fame

Since hooking up, Vera has never shied away from showering her new bae with praise insisting that he (Jimmy) is very different from her ex-boyfriends, because he is not after money or fame.

“For the first time, I have met a loving and caring man who is not concerned about money and fame. He is about the same age as I. Since I have invested a lot here in Kenya, the talk between us is to have him move to Kenya and continue practicing here. That is where our conversation is now,” she revealed.

Just the other day she cautioned critics waiting for her break up drama, stating that it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

“The same people claiming they are waiting for break up drama are the same who said they are waiting for break up with Senegalese guy… but they never saw it. Just because it happened before doesn’t mean it’s a pattern. There’s reasons to why things happened that way, during that time and none of you all will ever understand. So keep waiting for break up drama that will never come," wrote Vera.


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