Victoria Kimani opens up on doing secular music as a pastor’s daughter

Her family owns a church in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

Victoria Kimani (Instagram)

Victoria Kimani was born about thirty three years ago in Los Angeles, California to clerical parents. Her childhood was different from a typical Kenyan or American one as it was a mesh of both cultures.

“They (my parents) are still pastors. Growing up in that household was different as they are typical African parents but not too typical as we lived in America for a long time. They went to the states early to go to school and gave birth to me there. They mixed their cultures with American culture,” Victoria revealed on an episode of ‘Weekend with Betty’ on K24 TV.

And like most iconic artistes, it was at the church where she honed her singing skills before pursuing secular music.

Victoria revealed that although her parents would prefer if she used her voice to serve God through Gospel music, her success is important to them and so they support her in her secular music career.

“I think my dad appreciates the music part of it as he is a musician, my mother definitely would prefer that I sing gospel music. It's definitely their preference but honestly, my parents just want me to be successful more than anything. If I am successful, they are happy and even with the few successes I have had they post things on Facebook they are proud,” she said.

Miss Kimani disclosed that though she has chosen secular music, she always makes sure that she doesn’t push the envelope too much.

She always tries to strike a balance between raunchy and racy. “There is a thin line between being sexy and raunchy and I try to stay on the fence, I like dressing sexy but raunchy is another whole degree so I try not to go too far with it.”

Family Church

Victoria’s parents own Father’s House Family Church in Ruiru, Kiambu County. It was at this church that Victoria’s brother Bamboo wedded his wife Erica in a ceremony that was officiated by their dad.

At Father’s House Family Church, worshippers are promised a church where their families will thrive and flourish.

“If you are looking for a family church where you and your family will thrive and flourish, you will find Father’s House Family Church to be a place you can call home. You will be enriched through the teaching of the Word of God, great worship services, covenant relationships and amazing fellowship,” reads a description on their website


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