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Victoria Rubadiri claps back after fan accused her of getting lip fillers

Lip fillers are all the rage in Hollywood.

Rubadiri Victoria (nstagram)

Victoria Rubadiri had a classy comeback after a ‘fan’ accused her of going the Kardashian way and getting some fillers.

The ‘fan’ went ahead and claimed that the person who filled in Rubadiri’s lips did a horrible job and that Rubadiri had low self- esteem.

“So @VickyRubadiri decided to do a horrible lip job with injections?? Low self-esteem!” Alvin Kibet tweeted.


A post that would have driven some people up the wall as cosmetic procedures are a touchy topic but Vicky decided to take the high road. Instead of throwing out a catty comeback, Rubadiri made a joke out of the whole situation by writing back “Snap! It looked pretty natural the first couple of days. Need to have a word with my plastic surgeon.”

High Road

The high road seems to be the road of choice for many news anchors as Betty also had an unexpected comeback when a fan publicly pointed out that her weight had noticeably fluctuated.


 “My Betty now that weight is going overboard. Look at those hands bwana. Love you all the same,” the fan wrote.

Instead of working herself into a ball of fury, Betty had an unexpected, upbeat response to it. She commented that the reason she has gained weight is that she is loved. “Ni kupendwa mob,” Betty wrote back.


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