Videos of vlogger Natalie Tewa’s nasty break up with Boyfriend Rnaze surface online

Nasty Break up

Natalie Tewa and Boyfriend Rnaze

On Thursday, Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) woke up to the news that their favorite YouTube Couple Natalie Tewa and her Ugandan boyfriend Moses Mukiibi aka Rnaze were no longer an item.

Video clips captured from their ugly fall out have surfaced online showing what transpired. In one of the video clips, Tewa can be seen banging at a door, attempting to push it open after she was allegedly thrown out of the house by Rnaze in the middle of the night.

The commotion between that two woke up their neighbors, who ended up recording the happenings and shared them on social media.

In the first clip Tewa is heard shouting and asking her friend to call her mother, who she claims can help her out.

In another clip, Tewa is seen dressing up while arguing with Rnaze, saying "I have no say in this relationship. Like I don’t pay rent, I don’t pay bills, I don’t do shit in this relationship. Like that TV is not mine, like I didn’t pay for that table, like that couch is not mine.”

In a third clip, Rnaze can be seen kicking Tewa out.


Rnaze on break up

Rnaze made a revelation that Ms Tewa cheated on him and that was why he decided to end the relationship.

“I have never posted my private life on social media, but let me say this only once to set the record straight for those who were invested. She cheated. I ended it. Came back from UG to a terrible surprise. I was only gone for 4 days...smh. That’s the truth. My heart goes out to all the #BonnieandClyde fans who were invested. I am truly sorry. But life goes on sometimes you swing and miss,” wrote Rnaze.

Natalie on Break up

Natalie stated that Rnaze was jealous of her success and very abusive in their affair forcing her to end the relationship.

I was basically physically abused yesterday. If anyone saw what happened please speak out. Men should not ever get that far no matter what. If you know Rnaze you know he aint shit. Brokest nigga I have been with, always prancing around creating a façade. Selfish AF and always riding on my wave to be famous. If you know you know,” she posted.


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