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Diamond’s alleged side chic speaks on being jealous of Zari

She recently accused Zari of copying her hairstyle.

Viva and Zari (IG)

Diamond’s rumored side chic has addressed claims of being jealous of Zari and Tanasha.

In a Question and Answer (Q&A) session with fans, the lady identified as VivaFabrica on Instagram claimed that her life is too good for her to be jealous of Tanasha and Zari.

“Why are you so jealous of Tanasha and Zari,” a fan asked and Viva replied with “I wish I was but unfortunately I have everything I have ever wanted.”


“Side chick ataharibu maneno,” read another comment and Viva wrote “We endelea tu kuexpect. Funga mlango na padlock mbili au kalale kwa jirani then hato haribu.”

A fan claimed that Viva prides herself in being a side chick and she retorted with “At least am on someone’s side what about you.”

Another fan accused her of being fame-hungry and urged her to bed Diamond for drama & clout and Viva responded by saying that fame and wealth are not sexually transmitted.


Viva vs Akothee

The reason why people are on her case is that she has been on Zari’s case accusing her of copying her hairstyle and even mocking Zari’s mysterious boyfriend.

When Akothee posted “If you promised to get married in 2019, you have 5 months to go, let no one waste your time. Show us your husband biiiiitch we are waiting,” Viva said that she should issue that advice to her friend Zari.


“ @akotheekenya where is@zarithebosslady king Bae🤣 we are tired of seeing shoes and beards and fingers of different men!5 months to go,” wrote Viva.

A comment that had Akothee pouncing on her like a hungry lion.

“@vivafabrica you Just want to see the man, maybe yours is cheating on you, do you give us pressure from insecurity, show us your broke bae mbura,” Akothee shot back.


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