Singer Vivian and hubby Sam west open up on the challenges of having a blended family

Its not that easy!

Singer Vivian and hubby Sam west open up the challenges of having a blended family

Charm Hit singer Vivian Wambui and her fiancé Sam west opened up on the challenges of raising kids from previous relationships.

Speaking with Dr King’ori on the wicked edition, the couple revealed that it was not easy to introduce their children to a new parent because previously they were used to having someone else in the picture.

Sam West revealed that the introduction of another person in a family could be depressing and stressing to a child because of the uncomfortable shift they had to adapt to.

You’ve gotten into a new relationship, you’ve met a new person sasa you have to tell your kid this is your new step mum. Of course its depressing to the child actually its very stressing because now you have to allow the child to mourn the death of the previous relationship and now you’re introducing the child to a new relationship. Maybe huyo mtoto alikuwa first born in the old relationship na sasa anakua second or last born in this new relationship. It can be confusing" said Sam who has a six year old boy,

Vivian who has a girl aged 10 added that introducing a new man to a kid took a lot of time and dedication since you couldn't introduce any man to them unless you were sure that he was the one.

"You introduce your child to a man once you’re sure that that is the man you are going to spend the rest of your life. You can't date different people and introduce all of them to your child. There need to be those healthy boundaries" said Vivian.

The couple disclosed that they had both accepted each other's children and were raising them with unconditional love and not creating a rift between two.

Vivian added that women needed to start thinking of pregnancy as a deviation and not a punishment stating that one needed to deal with the situation and still pursue their goals and careers,

"In as much as we need to talk about waiting to be in a relationship in order to start getting children Its important to understand that once you get a child its important to deal with it" said Vivian.

"Its about the relationship with your partner. When you’re coming together, you were not in love with the kids, you were in love with your partner. Ukimpenda unabeba kila kitu amekuja nayo. Ni kama Ngombe ukikula unakaula mpaka mkia. You have to make sure the relationship between your wife and yourself is intact" added Sam.


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