Why Wahu officially switched to Gospel music

Nameless also played a huge role in Wahu jumping over to the Gospel Industry as his lovely wife revealed.

This was after releasing her song ‘Sifa’ which is doing wonderfully on the Gospel charts.

But switching over to Gospel was not a spur-of-the-moment action as she disclosed that she has for a long time desired to be closer to God.

“When I picked up (salvation) again I decided on being intentional about it. I’ll say I restarted rethinking it about 3 years ago and I kept saying that ‘I feel I need to be closer to God, to walk closer to God.’ I had said it so many times, I didn’t realize how much I had been saying it. And so one day my husband was like ‘So you keep saying it why are you not doing it? Then I was like enyewe why am I not doing it?” Wahu said.

And in 2016, she went down on her knees to begin her search for God. “Last year I went through my own issues and this catapulted me to go down on my knees and to begin my search for God. An intentional journey.I made a resolution to say that my faith is coming first.”

She also said she didn’t fear rejection, criticism or even losing some fans because she feels that she is doing it for God and that she made a decision to do things that make her happy.

“People’s opinion as much as its hard to put them aside, they don’t come as important to my happiness. I’m about my life as it should always be and my relationship with God. I want whatever comes out to be the overflow of my heart” She said before concluding with “I’m excited about where I am and I’m finding that I’m sending more time with God.”


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