Wahu speaks on getting a child out of wedlock

There have been speculations that Wahu got her second child from another man…

Nameless and Wahu

Speculations that were wrought by a damaging Facebook post that said that Nameless was seeking divorce from his wife Wahu over the paternity of their second child.

The blogger went on to add that a DNA test had been conducted and it proved that Wahu had gotten a child with another man.

The speculations got a new lease on life after controversial KBC presenter Elizabeth Irungu declared that their marriage was long dead.

Part of her Facebook post on celebrity relationships read: “Whose (sp) your best Kenyan couple? Post a pic and please don’t say Nameless & Wahu *rolling my eyes* the whole world knows that’s a long time DEAD relationship just for showbiz and for appearances! I can just tell Nameless & Wahu are so over one another hata siwezi kuwa surprised if they sleep in separate bedrooms kwao!!! I know trouble in paradise when I see it!”

Today on Mambo Mseto, the couple came out to clear the air on divorce reports and paternity rumours that tainted their squeaky clean reputation.

“Sisi tunajuana sana, so by the time wanaandika tunajua hapa hio story iko hivi. So story ikitokea namshow ‘eeh umeona hii?Tulenge ama tureact?’ Sana sana sisi hulenga sababu uking’ang’ana kureply na hizi mavitu sasa inabring more focus to it. So very few times we react to it. I know she is mine (Nyakio). I said waachane na mambo za watoto, hizo zingine tumezoea lakini mambo ya watoto tulenge. Wenye walipush hiyo story walisema ‘eneyewe hapo tuligo overboard.’ ” Nameless said.

So how did Wahu feel about the paternity story that smeared dirt on her image?

“I feel really bad because I am like how nasty can you be? Why are you doing this story? I felt bad. What upset me is that, to what length is someone willing to go so as to trend? Obviously these are lies! What hurt me even more were my kids, I hadn’t imagined having the kind of conversations I was having. My firstborn child asked me ‘Mummy what is a divorce? Because I hear you and daddy are getting a divorce.’ What is that? We actually had to spend time chilling with my kids so I explain to her we are okay. Then I realised that what is more important is to focus on building my kids’ confidence because you can’t stop people from saying things. And then the internet never forgets. Now imagine my little girl who had just been born going to the internet and seeing this story that Nameless is not her dad. What kind of issues is she going to have? I am like this guy is not thinking about the future. Me as the mother of the kids that’s all I’m thinking about- my kids. For me the lesson I learnt that mahaters wako but I must reinforce my kids so they can go out there and be able to deal with kids who will ask them ‘Your parents are getting a divorce?” I sat with Tumiso and told her, ‘If you ever want the truth, talk to me, I will never lie to you about anything and we had a discussion and told her ‘Some people really like us and some don’t, some people will say bad things annoy us. But if you want to know anything one and ask us, will never lie to you. Wahu said.

“It’s unfortunate that when someone puts out a lie like that people jump into conclusions.” Nameless concluded.


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