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Why Diamond Platinumz is not running broke anytime soon

Making Money Moves

Born Nassib Abdul but known to many as Diamond aka Simba, has been causing ripples in the music industry with his name being on the lips of all lovers of bongo music. He is one of the artist who are eating life with a big spoon and all thanks to his beautiful voice.

Today I will be focusing on a number of establishments that Platinumz has put in place so that he can’t run broke any time soon.

Brand Ambassador Vodacom


Chibu Dangote aka Baba Tiffah is the official Brand Ambassador of the biggest communication platform in Tanzania Vodacom. This is one of the deals that has been giving him money day in day out and for sure his bank account can confirm this.

WCB Recording Label

Wasafi Classic Beiby (WCB) is a recording label that was established by Diamond Platinumz under the wings of Mkubwa Fella. Mkubwa Fella was Diamonds manager and he is still his big boss up to today.

Under WCB diamond platunumz has been able to sign a total of five artists who are doing very well on the market. Harmonize, Rayvanny , Queen Darlin, Rich Mavoko and QBoy who doubles as Diamond Disgener,

Out of WCB he also have a number of producers led by the baddest of them all, Producer Laiser.


Apart from producing songs for his crew, he also do commercial recording for other artist in Tanzania who pay for the services.

Apart from the recording label, Diamond owns Wasafi Company Limited that is responsible for all advertisement deals.


Chibu Dangote has also ventured into the Media Industry by establishing his own Radio and TV station.  This is one of his latest investments to secure his future ans make sure he doesn't run broke, after retiring from the Music industry.



Platinumz is any artist who is always on the move to make money. When they year checks in platinum always has a calendar of events and show that he is supposed to perform throughout the year.

He as shows lined up like every week and for your information he is paid well for the shows, due to his energy while on stage.

Organized management

Chibu has a management team that is well organized and knows what they are doing. He has two managers for East Africa affairs. When he has a show within East Africa the two managers are in charge to ensure things run smoothly.

He also has a manager who is in charge of his shows across the Africa continent. This manager ensures that promoters who want Diamond Platinumz services in Africa meet all the requirements put in place before Platinumz boards the plane.


Apart from this managers who are station in Africa, Simba also has another manager who is in charge of his International shows.

This can proof to you that indeed Diamond Platinumz is star to watch in the watch in the music industry. is the new kid in town in terms of music provision. Diamond Platinumz decided to establish his own empire where all music from East African musicians can be accessed on a small fee.

ADVERTISEMENT enables or allows one to download songs of his favorite artists from Tanzania and pay using different paperless means.

This move was taken by Diamond Platinumz after he complained that YouTube was stealing from them.

Brand ambassador Danube

Danube one of the biggest Company in Tanzania picked on Diamond Platinumz as their Brand Ambassador. Danube as pumped lots of money into their advertisement projects with the lead act being Diamond Platinumz and his Family.

This is one of the deals that has been making Diamond platinum swim in deep waters of cash. Danube is located at the GSM mall in Dar es salaam Tanzania.


Real Estate

Diamond Platinumz has also invested big in the Real Estate industry in Tanzania with a number of houses on his name.

He also bought his ex-wife Zari a house in South Africa as a birthday gift.

YouTube royalties

Whoever has a YouTube channel is supposed to earn from it, if only he makes good use of it.


YouTube views translates to money and if you don’t know how, do ask those who are paying rent via YouTube.

Diamond Platinumz is among artists who are earning big in terms of Youtube views.

A Boy From Tandale

Diamond's new Album "A Boy From Tandale" is one of the highest selling Album's right now across the world. All music platforms have received well the Album and its believed that the singer will make lots of cash from the Album.


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