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Voluptuous Grace Msalame announces plans to trim the curves as she reveals her significant weight loss

Female celebrities are increasingly adopting significant changes in diet and exercise to maintain their health or to shed weight. The recent trend has seen many plus sized celebrities deliberately undertake demanding regimes to achieve desired results ans change in lifestyle

Grace Msalame has announced her quest to lose weight and she is targeting a 10 kilogram loss.

The former TV host who is now the Bamba content manager is already halfway through her target. Grace, announced she has already lost 5 kilograms and she was pretty excited about it.

For those who are admirers of her voluptuous figure, they will have to make do with a leaner Grace though the change is much welcome.

Her five kilograms are not openly evident though that will be son apparent when she hits her target loss of 10 kilograms. The good thing is her figure is curvy as ever and can only get better with a leaner fitter body frame.


Grace Msalame explained her motivation behind the weight loss. She also revealed the secret of achieving such sustainable results.

Anerlisa Muigai, the heiress to the Keroche Breweries empire is the inspiration to Grace and she seems she is picking a couple of tabs from her. Anerlisa made news after she had consistently shed her huge frame into a healthier fitter body and maintained it through diet and exercise.

This is the same principle which Grace is following saying it is about 80% diet and 20% exercise.

She joins number of previously plump celebrities who have decided to shed their weight in different regimens for healthier body. Prominent among them is Nazizi, Kalekye Mumo and Naomi Ng’ang’a.

Here is Grace Msalame celebrating her achievements


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