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8 celebrities Wema Sepetu has dated (Photos)

These were the men that stole hear heart...some momentarily.

A selection that includes the crème de la crème, celebrities. Below is a list of celebrities Wema has dated:

1. TID

The Veteran bongo singer dated Wema after she was declared Miss Tanzania in 2006.


Though he still seems very salty about his breakup with Wema, the actress was the inspiration behind one of his biggest hits, ‘Nyota Yangu’ that rocked the airwaves about a decade ago.

“Nilikuwa namdate Wema Sepetu akaniambia sikutaki, tangu kipindi hicho nimekuwa na wasichana wengi. Ikitokea Wema anataka kurudi hakuna nafasi, I’m occupied.” TID once said in an interview with Clouds TV.

2. Steve Kanumba

The gorgeous actress dated the actor before he met his untimely death in 2012 and though many years have gone by, Wema still considers Steve as her one true love. “My First True Love... They say U only Find True Love once in your Lifetime... If & Only If... Well, I can’t deny the fact that he has a special place in my heart... And after God took him from Us, I had room for another True Lover.... & yes I choose to keep him from you... You'll never know... RIP Steve wangu...’’ Read an emotional caption on Wema’s Instagram Page.

3. Chaz Baba


Wema dated the now married musician a few years back and the two still remain close friends. Wema even went for his wedding and even contributed money to facilitate his wedding.

4. Diamond Platnumz

Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz had an on-off-on-off again relationship for four years before they broke up and he resurfaced with Zari. Their relationship was dogged with cheating scandals with Jokate Mwegelo being one of the women Diamond cheated with.

Their relationship did not please Wema’s mum at all as she felt that it was detrimental to her daughter's well-being and she openly expressed that she didn’t like Diamond and even called him up to tell him that she didn’t want anything to do with him! Still, the two lovebirds kept it going until Diamond hooked up with Zari.

5. Ommy Dimpoz


At first, Ommy denied dating Wema and described their relationship as professional but we learnt that they were mixing business with pleasure after photos of the two cuddling and kissing surfaced online. Fans believed that the relationship with Diamond’s friend was Wema’s way of getting back at Diamond after her impregnated Zari. The two later broke up only for Wema to resurface with another chap.

6. Luis Munana

Wema’s relationship with the BBA rep from Namibia ended as fast as it started and to many, it’s just a hazy memory. Maybe because it was a rebound relationship as the actress confessed to relying on Luis to get over Diamond. Unfortunately, the relationship went south due to the long distance.

7. Idris Sultan

Wema and Idris’ relationship came straight after she broke up with Louis and Wema even got pregnant but unfortunately the relationship did not work out. In an interview with Dizzim Online, Idris described his relationship with Wema as ‘complicated’ and even suggested that it might have been toxic. But though the relationship was bad for him, Idris confessed to going back to Wema multiple times. When he finally broke it off, it took a period of 6 months and more than 30 women to get Wema out of his system.


8. Calisah

Calisah’s relationship with Wema ended after he was accused of leaking a video and photos of him enjoying some intimate moments with the actress in bed. The accusations were confirmed by Wema who sent out a message on Snapchat that read “You were really hungry for fame, huh? Smh,” She wrote.


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