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Actress flaunts her new bodacious body before revealing why she has gained a few kilos in recent times (Photo)

In 2015, actress Wema Sepetu was at the forefront when it came to securing CCM’s victory in the Tanzania Elections with John Magufuli as the party leader.

Wema Sepetu

This was after Magufuli’s government ordered for the arrest of many celebrities including Wema, Vanessa Mdee, T.I.D, Tunda and others over allegations of drug trafficking and use.

Wema was detained for four days before securing her release after a court adjourned the ruling. During her last court session, Wema was accompanied by Freeman Mbowe. And they struck a friendship so great that they were spotted attending a match between Simba vs Yanga at the National stadium.

But despite all the drama that is surrounding her life due to Magufuli government, Wema says that she is at peace and that is the reason she is gaining weight.


Posting a picture of herself in a blue dress, Wema joked “Kibonge wa nani huyu...? Sema kwakweli Gym inanihusu kwa Herufi Kubwa.... Ila pia Amani ya Moyo imechangia saaana kwa kugain kwangu... Im soooo at Peace... Naipenda Chadema yangu Haswaa.... Bae nae kakataa ku work out na mimi, eti anasema hatoweza kufocus atakuwa ananiangalia tu... Ngoja nirudi nitaendelea tu na @coy_mzungu ... Coy this time no Jokes... #CallMeKamanda. (Translation: Whose hefty woman is this? Say the truth, I really need to hit the gym .I credit my peace of mind to my weight gain, I’m so at peace. And I love CHADEMA very much.My boyfriend refuses to work out with me because he claims that he can’t focus, he will be distracted by my presence. But I’ll be training soon with Coy Mzungu


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