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Finally, actress hits the gym after struggling with excess weight (Photos)

Wema Sepetu has finally decided to hit the gym after struggling with her excess weight months after she suffered a miscarriage.

Wema Sepetu in white

The Tanzanian actress suddenly gained the unwanted weight when she got pregnant for her ex-lover, Idris Sultan. However, she lost her pregnancy and since then the lass has been trying to get her sexy back.

She has now joined a gym and judging from the photos making rounds on social media, Wema Sepetu is putting in extra efforts to get her old body back.

Wema has been documenting her weight loss journey through her snapchat handle, TZ Sweetheart, and as usual team Wema has been supporting and motivating her not to give up.


Anyway, a while back she was rumored to be using the herbal slimming pills to cut down her weight but this obviously did not work as she has now hired a professional and personal trainer to help her out.

Though most men would prefer her looking all curvy, Wema Sepetu seems to prefer a petite and ‘portable’ body like most of her close friends.

Though her reasons might seem shallow, it is good for her health as excess weight increases the  risk of major health problems. Overweight or obese people are more likely to have heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer, and depression.


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