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How Wema lost property worth millions because of Diamond Platnumz

Diamond famously broke Wema Sepetu’s heart in public after surfacing with a new beau and current baby mama Zari Hassan, but that was not all.

Wema and Diamond when they were together

This was after she got back with Diamond after he cheated on her with Jokate. But I get ahead of myself, let me break it down.

So when Wema and Diamond had their first break-up because of TV personality Jokate Mwegelo, Wema hooked up with an older man who was in his 50’s his name, Clement Kiondo.

Clement was every girl's dream as he helped her hone her entrepreneurship skills and paid for her high life that included trips abroad, champagne showers and shopping sprees that would amount to about 700,000 Kshs.


But despite having a seemingly happy ending, Wema was not happy with Clement as she was very young and he was in his 50s and the age disparity did not work for them, maybe that is why Wema complied when Diamond asked her to drop Clement for him.

But her decision to date him led to the loss of property worth millions of Shillings as a heartbroken Clement hit her where it hurt most, he took away all the gifts he had bought for her.

“CK took the Range Rover, the Audi Q7, and a Mercedes-Benz and the house that I lived in. He then went to my office and took all the equipment and furniture that was there. He left me a Harrier and another house that was all paid for, all of which were in my name and he had no access to, he wanted me to pay for hurting him.” She told the publication.

However, her decision to leave Clement bit her in the butt as her relationship with Diamond bit the dust later on.


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