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Wachana na mimi wewe! Wema Sepetu slammed by her former friend on social media

Aunty Ezekiel is tired of Wema Sepetu always stalking her on social media. It has gotten to a point where the actress was forced to slam the former Miss Tanzania on Instagram.

Wema Sepetu breaks down into tears

The former best friends have had a rough patch and judging from the stories making rounds on social media there is no way their friendship can be mended.

Anyway, since Wema Sepetu dumped her other bestie, Muna Love, the lass has been trying to find her way back to Ezekiels heart. She has been posting photos of the actress and leaving comments on Ezekiels posts making the actress feel like she is being stalked.

In a recent post shared by Aunty Ezekiel, Wema left a comment however she did not like the reply she got from ex best friend. Ezekiel asked Wema Sepetu to stay away from opening a window for fans to harshly attack Wema.

So far the former Miss Tanzania has pulled down some of the photos she had uploaded praising Aunty Ezekiel on her social media handles. She is however facing a hard time as most of her tight friends have been ignoring her like she no longer exists.


Things are hard for Wema Sepetu as she tries to get real friends who will accept her for who she is even after her nude photos are shared on social media to ruin her reputation.


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