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Wema Sepetu heartbroken after receiving this gift from fan

Losing her babies will forever be engraved in her heart.

It’s no secret that the loss was a big blow dealt to her and all her fans, who in no doubt vouch for her motherhood streak. In Tanzania, Wema Sepetu is a household name loved by the people for her charming personality and beautiful looks.

But while she is as beautiful as fragile glass, Wema has proven to be made of very tough mettle. Even after later on separating with her fiancé, Idris Sultan and then getting arrested over serious drug charges Wema did not break her step in being the super woman that she is. She just premiered her latest movie Heaven Sent.

Still, a thoughtful fan was able to see beneath the glitz and glam and show Wema that her personal scars were just as much inspiration as her artsy skills.


One Dennis Louis  drew her a picture with a baby in her thoughts saying, “I love you, mama....”

In response, our sweet Wema re-posted and said that it made her cry.

It’s needless to say that her fans came in droves to comfort her.

Wema previously vowed to remove her uterus if she does not get a child by the age of 33. She is now 29 years old.


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