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Show host recalls 'scary' collapse on live TV

Wendy revealed that her tests came out fine and show she was lacking electrolytes and dehydrated.

The show host returned to her series this morning, Wednesday, November 1 to share the reason behind the incident.

Just in case we were wondering about just how shook up she had been, Wendy was moved to tears while recollecting the incident she described as 'scary.

"It was really scary," she told the audience Wednesday morning as she began crying.


She also told her audience that the paramedics came to give her tests in a bid to make sure everything was OK.

"First of all, I was trending all day. Fabulous."

The 53-yr-old stumbled and fell in her Statue of Liberty costume during the Halloween-themed episode.

Crew members were seen rushing to help her before the show cut to commercials.


Wendy recalled she was trying her best to look cute as she fell while hoping the podium didn't fall on top of her.

She returned following the commercial break to inform viewers she had truly passed out and that it had not been a Halloween prank.

"I'm a champ and I'm back," she said.

According to a rep from the show, Wendy overheated from the heavy costume, makeup and lights.


After leaving the set, Wendy later posted a video of herself resting on the couch surrounded by Gatorade, water and Pedialyte.

We are just glad she has bounced back to her old self.


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