What Chiloba scored in his KCSE/KCPE exams

He sat for his national exams in 1993 and 1997 respectively.

A job that is usually reserved for the seasoned. And from his history it seems he made it to that position through sheer determination as he came from a very humble background.

In the spirit of KCPE/KCSE season, we sought out find out what the IEBC head honcho scored .

When he sat for his KCPE exams at Mutua Primary School in 1993 he scored 539 marks out of  the possible 700 marks with the subject breakdown being ; English 80 (A), Kiswahili 75 (B-), Mathematics 74 (B+), Science 77 (A-), GHCRE 80 (A-), AC&M 78 (A) and Home Science and Business 76 (A-). This is according to a piece on the Nairobian on Friday.

After scoring well in his KCPE exams, Chiloba landed a position at the prestigious St Joseph Boys High school in Kitale but was forced to drop out in form 2 due to financial constraints. But lucky for him his aunty Florence Nafula intervened and convinced him to join Friends Kwanza whose fees was more affordable than St Joseph’s.

But that was not all, his aunty struggled to sell vegetables in order to buy paraffin for Chiloba’s lamp so that he could revise at night.

“I eked a living by selling vegetables at the market to raise money to buy paraffin and soap for Chiloba. The boy was determined to excel and this motivated me ensure there was paraffin for him to revise at night.” Nafula told the Nairobian.

She went on to describe Chiloba as very disciplined and responsible “On several occasions he helped me with the cooking and never waited for me to come back to prepare supper. He was not a womanizer and at no time did I see Chiloba with a girlfriend.”  Nafula told the paper.

At Friends, Chiloba is remembered as a  ‘God fearing top performer’  who was determined to excel with the support of the school’s bursary funds.

In the end Chiloba scored an A- but couldn’t pursue his dream of being a doctor as the profession required higher marks and he instead enrolled at the Nairobi School of Law. But he was on the right path as the law degree led him to his destiny as the IEBC CEO.


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