Top 5 steamy and downright-embarrassing Whatsapp messages that leaked online

With more than 1 billion people using it in over 180 countries including Kenya, Whatsapp is without a doubt one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world.

But there is a downside to this app, sending things you can’t un-send to people you shouldn’t as some of the users learnt. Here are some of the people who learnt the hard way that one should always double check before sending something or at least be careful when sending in case someone decides to take a screenshot:

1.Pastor Letsego of Christ Embassy church in South Africa

Congregants of the church long suspected that Pastor Letsego was having a torrid affair with a deacon named Miriam. But they didn’t have proof and Pastor Letsego kept on denying it, explaining that he is married and he considers Miriam his daughter.

Unfortunately his 40 day came when he accidentally sent a d**k pic to his Whatsapp church group, captioning it “Wife is away, it’s all yours tonight."

Upon realising his mistake, he left the church group in embarrassment before committing suicide the following day in a house the church has rented for him. As news of Pastor Letsego mishap and suicide rent the continent, here was radio silence from he church who refused to comment on the matter.

2. Brother Ocholla

This brother-in Christ proved he had un-brotherly love after accidentally sending a steamy text to his church group.

“You seem to love my voice. This voice will whisper asking how you are feeling when you will be having your orgasm at cloud nine.” read Bro Ocholla’s seductive message. A message that turned him into a Kenyan celebrity after someone leaked it to the internet with brands, KOT and others social media users jumping on the Bro Ocholla trend.

What is worse, Bro Ochola became a subject on morning radio whishes very popular in Kenya and one day Kiss 100 called him up about the Whatsapp message that made him famous. During the Kiss 100 phone call, Bro Ocholla explained that the message was meant for his wife and though seemingly irritated by her husband’s naughty message and the drama it brought, she backed him up. Before blaming the media for trying to break up their family. “He was sending the message to me last week. I am not happy about all this; why is the media trying to break up a family?

3. Murkomen’s professing illicit love

Kenyans were left thoroughly entertained after love messages between married Senator Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen and nominated Senator Lesuuda made their way online thanks to ‘The Nairobian’ Newspaper.

The vocal senator is seen as timid as he lays his heart bare for the beautiful senator in some Whatsapp messages.

“You just meet your lost match and you just love someone for who and what they are and not just for laying. I love you just like that. Even if nothing happens I won’t complain as long as I have you. Your company and presence mean a lot to me than anything else. And you and your giggles and you telling me ‘hajana nayo’” Part of the texts read. Texts that turned the duo into a source of ridicule though the hashtag  #murkomenwedslesuuda.

When the scandal was hot, the two went on social media recluse but as soon as people started concentrating on the wrangles between Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and the government, the two came from hiding. And Murkomen a member of Jubilee even commented on Joho’s academic qualifications saying “I totally agree that academic success is not the only measure of success in life. I know in Kenya a person who scores a D- cannot even qualify to serve in any sector of our armed forces. I have argued before that those who want to be elected should have qualifications determined by voters. My argument is that the voter is wiser and knows what he wants."

4. Sister Christina’s steamy photos

It seems that members of the church are the most afflicted by the demon that is ’sending wrong messages to the wrong people.’ In a bid to titillate her lover with some photos in her lingerie, this sister ended up shocking her fellow prayer warriors with the steamy photos.

Realising her big mistake, the sister did some damage control with this message "Pls kuna mtu ameomba phone yangu kumbe anatuma mambo."  (Please, there is someone who has borrowed my phone, I didn't know they were sending the half-nude photos)

5 .The thirsty air-hostess

A Kenyan air hostess working with Qatar airways was exposed by a married man for trying to seduce him and harassing him with her explicit photos.

The exchange went down on Whatsapp after the lady got the man’s number from his travel documents.

She introduced herself before making lewd comments and sending seductive photos to the man.

She even offered him her behind claiming that she hadn't tried anal sex:

Aside from the sexual exchanges, she believed that the said man could get her a better job that will enable her to travel and have projects back home since the man seemed well-connected.

After a while, he blocked her only for the lady to find another number to talk to him with and she didn't seem pleased that the old man was playing hard to get :

After the threat of getting reported, Mercy stopped pestering the man she was eyeing as a potential sponsor.


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