Why Citizen TV Presenter Willis Raburu is trending at number 1 on Twitter

Raburu has been trending for the better part of today

Why Citizen TV Presenter Willis Raburu is trending at number 1 on Twitter

On Monday, Citizen TV presenter cum news anchor Willis Raburu was trending at number 1 on Twitter after allegations surfaced online that he had parted ways with his wife Marya Prude.

Kenyans On Twitter picked on Raburu as the topic of discussion after a number of gossip pages alleged that the media personality was no longer living together with his wife over cheating claims.

Word on the streets has it that the couple now lives in separate houses. In the allegations, Raburu is accused of having an extramarital affair with a Ugandan woman.

Raburu and Marya Prude got married in an exclusive wedding three years ago.

Here are comments form KOT;

Regius Tweep “That Willis Raburu story is unfortunate. I wonder why we celebrate broken unions so much? Could we be sanitizing our trauma & failure? Trying to normalize what we all know is dysfunctional to feel better about our own broken lives?”

@CharleeOddie1 “Willis Raburu & Mary Irungu aka Marya Prude this was the best time to hold on to each other. What happens to the 'malavidavi' on social media through long poems? The problem of exposing the love life in public. Who has ever seen Kalonzo Musyoka wife? I hope this story isn't true’

@beatambutei “Have noted some ladies are "cheering" Willis Raburu and trashing his wife Mary, I'm guessing it's for clicks and populism! When all is said and done and the cameras are off I hope they will never get to go through a bad marriage. Surely cheating after a miscarriage is some balls!”

@LOYDMUTUA “Willis Raburu did what... I have no comment and no judgment. I am not privy to their love life. @WillisRaburu and Mary Ngami know each other better. This is life”

@Amina_bellisimo “Kenyans are done with bullying Bahati and have quickly moved on to Willis Raburu....... Zipper-mouth faceZipper-mouth face”

@claudiowangu “Navenye Willis Raburu kwa ile YouTube channel yake alikuwa analia venye wanapendana.. Lmfao.. enyewe nothing is permanent”

@forevernazz “Your love life should be private, that Willis Raburu story is quite unfortunate”

@MarsFifi “A man will cheat on you with the same girl he dont want you behaving like.... So Y'all going to camp kwa tent ya Willis Raburu & justify his infidelity’

@Itsmadollar “Wife materials come from Uganda, Somalians comes second"our Kenya women are locusts who invades your house to eat whatever you had gathered.why can't the government spray them to another country? Willis raburu is the volume okay”

@ONyabate “Marriage isn't a bed of roses, it has got its ups and downs. cheating isn't a solution to relationship problems. After her miscarriage, Marya Prude is still hurting and maybe depressed but Willis Raburu is already married to a Ugandan lady. I doubt if love ever existed”

@XivTroy ‘Gents on the Willis Raburu story, I refuse. It's okay he wanted to walk away. I don't think it's okay he had to humiliate her in the process. You'd think that after their recent loss, he would oblige her honesty in the least. Respecting your partners? Respecting shared history?”

@kerubo_hillary “Alaa, Na vile Willis Raburu's marriage looked heavenly Flushed face Enyewe social media is a scam”

@Tabaka_Finest ‘Wonders will never cease to happen; Willis Raburu Dumps His Wife, Takes In A Ugandan Lady With A Bigger Butt!”

@zee_rwandese “My heart goes out to Willis Raburu's wife, Marya PrudeLoudly crying face Imagine losing a baby then months later finding out that her husband has been cheating on herLoudly crying face. May God give her the grace because this is honestly too much for her to take inLoudly crying face. Love and light to Marya Prude Purple heart”

@Kevin_Wachirah “Reporting live from the mud it's our 21 year old Relationship Expert.Back to you Willis Raburu in the studio”

@or__kelvin “When social media becomes the base of your relationship... Prepare well because that is a public relationship and when you break up the public will want explanations...Io ndo stage Willis Raburu Yuko saizii...All said and done, he is human.. Don't overjudge him!!”


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