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Why I apologized despite my innocence - DK Kwenye Beat

DK was accused of infecting a fan with Herpes.

DK Kwenye Beat [Courtesy]

Months after he was exposed for engaging in a threesome with Hopekid a fan, DK Kwenye Beat has broken his silence on the matter in a number of radio interviews.

From the interviews, DK has claimed that he is innocent and was framed. But there are those who wonder if he was innocent then why did he apologize?

The Sarisari singer explained that he had to apologize because a lot of pressure was being mounted on him and he also had a lot of people looking up to him so he had to be a good role model.


“I was implicated in the issue when it came out and that is why I apologized. One thing people do not understand about my apology was that me apologizing doesn’t mean I am wrong and the other person is right. I can’t just allow my ego to control me and that is why I did an apology. There are people I inspire and who look up to me and it was a sensitive issue, issues of the girl child are very sensitive,” he explained on Radio Jambo.

Leaked audio

DK then responded to an audio which was leaked after his apology where he is heard making fun of the situation. An audio which demonstrated that he was largely unapologetic even after seeming very sorry in his apology interview with Size 8.

He claimed that he wasn’t the one in the audio and he hadn’t come out to defend himself earlier as the scandal had reached fever pitch.


“That wasn’t me in the audio, the issue I addressed in the video was the issue at hand and not the audio. At that point the scandal was at its peak and that is why I didn’t respond to the audio,” he said.


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