Why Eko Dydda went to an all-girls school

How the male musician ended up studying in an an all-girls school.

Eko Dydda (Instagram)

Gospel musician Eko Dydda recently opened up about studying in an all-girls school after dropping out from Eastleigh Boys High School.

The ‘Vidole’ hitmaker was forced to drop out of school in Form 2 as his father could no longer afford to pay his fees.

After dropping out he got employed as a garbage collector, a job he held for one and half years. As a garbage collector, he would make Sh15-50 from the sale of waste polythene bags. Despite his humble earnings, he pushed on as he wanted to save money to finish high school.

Lucky for him he didn't have to hustle for much longer as help came in the form of his primary school teacher who offered to pay half of his fees after learning of his plight.

But there was one problem, the only slot available was at Riverside Girls High School. Eko pushed his pride aside and enrolled in the girls’ school and had to repeat form two to catch up with the new curriculum.

“All I wanted was to go back to school so when the opportunity came calling, I was willing to compromise my pride especially because I knew I was not destined to be at a garbage site. I had to repeat classes because the syllabus had changed so I went back to form two so that I could catch up with the new curriculum. My performance went up because I was less distracted. I think that is where I mastered the art of being focused on the core purpose that is why I am rarely distracted by what others are doing and sometimes what they are saying,” he told Salon Magazine.

Abject Poverty

Eko is not the only celebrity who has struggled to attain education.

Size 8 recently disclosed that she grew up in abject poverty but was lucky enough to get a high school scholarship but when it came to university, she wasn’t so lucky.

“I never went to university because we did not have money for my fee but I was given a scholarship and I completed my form six at Hill Crest. After I finished my A-level my father told me that there was no money to take me to university and my brothers had to go to school,” The Mateke singer revealed on the Chipukeezy show.


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